Mobile technology providers join forces

Mobile device manufacturer Datalogic has announced that it will pre-license Wavelink’s emulation and management software.

Under the contract, Wavelink Avalanche will come pre-licensed on all Datalogic Windows CE devices, with the Wavelink Emulators program to be pre-licensed on selected models.

Datalogic Mobile users will also be able to receive technical support for Wavelink applications as part of the standard support agreements.

“In looking to provide additional value to all our customers with key applications already installed, integrated and licenses, it was only natural that we would partner with the industry leader in device management”, said Francesco Montanari, Datalogic Mobile vice president.

“Our customers have come to equate Datalogic Mobile devices with quality and reliability, and we are confident they will have the same experience with the Wavelink applications.”

Wavelink president Lamar Van Wagenen said the partnership would enhance operation efficiency.

“When Datalogic Mobile customers purchase mobile devices they are now ready to manage those devices right out of the box to increase productivity and efficiency.

“Wavelink far surpasses other vendors in partnerships with its software shipping on devices from more than a dozen manufacturers, including the three largest,’ he said.

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