ALC to governments: do not repeat the same mistakes

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has said increased infrastructure investment should be on the top of the priority list in the exacerbating economic conditions.

ALC chief executive Hal Morris said while the Australian Transport Council’s latest meeting showed some progress on the transport reform agenda, the need for continued momentum still remained.

“In uncertain times, commitment to strategic transport infrastructure investment and real reform should be a priority for federal and state governments as the only way to underpin Australia’s long-term global competitiveness,” Mr Morris said.

“While responsible economic management is crucial with the predicted lower budget surplus, infrastructure investment should be both a short- and long-term priority.”

He said despite the importance of transport infrastructure, governments had repeatedly failed to make a proactive approach to maintain and expand the lynchpin of future economic growth and productivity.

“In recent decades governments have had a tendency to overlook Australia’s infrastructure needs, leading to the backlogs and blockages now requiring urgent attention as identified in the ALC’s recent supply chain blockages report,” he said

“We urge governments not to make the same mistakes again.”

Transport ministers across Australia met in Adelaide to discuss progress towards a single national regulatory system for rail safety and investigation, maritime safety and heavy vehicles reform.

Mr Morris stressed the impetus of the reform must be maintained.

“Nationally consistent regulatory reform is particularly important.

“Consistent and effective national regulation allows the transport and logistics industry to operate efficiently and to make the most of the available infrastructure and is therefore just as essential as infrastructure investment,” he said.

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