Remote airports get $1M funding

Anthony Albanese, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, has announced nearly $1 million in funding to improve safety and access for 25 airstrips in remote and isolated parts of Australia through the Remote Aerodrome Safety Program.

Mr Albanese said: “People living in remote Australia deserve safe and well-maintained airstrips because they are a vital link to food, medical supplies, mail and essential personnel like teachers, doctors and nurses in remote Australia.

“The Australian Government’s $1 million funding will boost airstrip safety and help provide year-round all-weather access for the Royal Flying Doctor and other services through upgrades of fencing, lighting and the resurfacing of runways.


“Remote Australia is a crucial part of the Australian economy and injects billions of dollars in agriculture and mining exports, jobs and infrastructure

“And the Royal Flying Doctor Service have said that they need safe airstrips to provide medical assistance to children and adults in remote communities.

“We are determined to help remote and regional Australians get access to basic services that many urban Australians take for granted.

“The Australian Government’s funding of $991,000 will kick start $2.2 million in projects to make remote airstrips safe, with an additional $619,000 contributed by State and Territory Governments and $554,000 from Local Councils,” Mr Albanese said.

Funding provided to eligible aerodromes under the RAS Program was based on the airports’ individual need and safety program and determined in cooperation with relevant State, Territory and Local Governments and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Mr Albanese said: “The Australian Government will work closely with State, Territory and Local Governments to boost safety at remote airstrips. 

“The RAS Program will provide $20 million of Australian Government funding over the next four years to improve the safety of aerodromes in remote and isolated areas of Australia.”


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