The ‘who’s who’ of US trade sign up for green transport

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation has announced today that it has formed a partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) SmartWay Transport Program to help develop a national SmartWay certification program and rating system for port cartage trucks.
CRT also announced today that it has been officially certified by the US EPA as a SmartWay Transport Partnership Affiliate member.
"I commend the Coalition for Responsible Transportation for their leadership in promoting sustainable transportation practices through the SmartWay Transport Partnership", said Margo T. Oge, director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the U.S. EPA. "This demonstrates a commitment to a cleaner environment and more secure energy supply."
Through its partnership with SmartWay, CRT has convened a working group consisting of major national shippers, ocean carriers, and port cartage providers to provide recommendations to the SmartWay program as to the development of a certification and rating system for green port cartage trucks that will build upon the immensely successful SmartWay Transport model that the U.S. EPA has created for over-the-road freight transportation.
The cartage rating system will provide a national framework to measure emissions levels of port trucking activities, set benchmarks for air quality improvement at our nation’s ports, and certify emission reductions that are achieved through the deployment of clean port trucks by members of the shipping industry.
“We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the U.S. EPA to help expand the SmartWay program’s reach into port trucking operations, said CRT president Rick Gabrielson, who serves as director of import transportation for Target. “Creating a SmartWay certification and rating system for port trucking will be a tremendous step forward in the effort to deploy clean trucks at our nation’s ports and will provide well deserved recognition to industry leaders who demonstrate commitment to air quality improvements in their port cartage activities.”
Some of the members of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation: Best Buy, California Multimodal, LLC,Container Connection, Converse, Dunavant Enterprises, Gap Inc., Green Fleet Systems, GSC Logistics, Hanjin Shipping, The Home Depot, HP, Intermodal Bridge Transport, JC Penney, “K” Line America, Lowe’s, Nike, NYK Group Companies, PDS Trucking, Performance Team, Southern Counties Express, Target, Total Transportation Services, Wal-Mart Stores, Westport.

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