Second road industry trial at Port Botany

The next phase of trialling new performance and penalty frameworks for stevedores and transport carriers at Port Botany was announced by Sydney Ports Corporation today, together with the results of the first road transport survey.
The details of the second industry trial of the Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy were outlined at an industry briefing in Mascot, attended by over 150 industry stakeholders and representatives.
Sydney Ports executive general manager, industry relations, Lachlan Benson said the second industry trial would take place post-Easter with a view to reporting against agreed trial performance measures.
“This is the second of three industry trials aimed at testing the draft performance framework for Port Botany’s road logistics chain, to and from the port,” Mr Benson said.
“Building on the co-operation of industry and success of the first trial, the enhanced scope of the second trial was outlined and a number of new measures will be trialled.
“Over a two-week period commencing April 13, Sydney Ports will collect operational data at Port Botany during a historically higher volume period, post-Easter.
“During trial two, preliminary penalty criteria will be applied to both road transporters and the stevedores when trial performance standards are not achieved. This will allow industry to understand and assess the notional impact of the type of penalties that may apply.
“A range of preliminary penalty criteria for poor performance have been presented to the Port Botany Road Taskforce for consideration and trialling, but no monetary calculations will be applied or shown during the trial.
“For stevedores, the types of penalty criteria that will be trialled include slow processing and cancelling VBS slots due to general congestion.
“In addition, the preliminary criteria include a penalty for not offering an agreed minimum number of slots per hour and a penalty for not being able to locate a box within the terminal when a truck arrives.
“Penalty criteria that will be assessed for transport carriers include a late arrival penalty, no show fee and early arrival charge to help stem congestion at the port.
“For the first time, ‘stack runs – empty and full’, will be analysed as will the measurement of ‘job complete’ at the stevedores.
“In addition, the in gate and out gate operations of the Empty Container Parks and the operations of AQIS will also be measured for the first time,” Mr Benson said.
Mr Benson said Sydney Ports continued to be actively engaged with industry over the last six months to improve efficiencies across the broader logistics chain associated with Port Botany.
“The results of the first trial were outlined to industry stakeholders at the third industry briefing this morning and highlighted the potential efficiency gains to industry,” Mr Benson said.
“Sydney Ports received full support from different industry stakeholders who provided daily operational data which were critical to the success of the first trial.
“This ongoing support and co-operation is critical to the success of trial two and will provide valuable input into the future reforms for the industry,” Mr Benson said.

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