16-tonne Hyundai forklift arrives in Australia

Flexilift Australia has added a 16-tonne Hyundai diesel forklift to its stock list to meet the demands of docks and ports, the railway sector, heavy transport and logistics, manufacturing, mining and resources, container handling and general yard operators.
The Hyundai 160D-7 is one of several large diesel-powered Hyundai vehicles earmarked for the industrial market since Flexilift signed on as the exclusive agent in Australia for the Korean company.
Apart from its huge handling capacity, the Hyundai 160D-7 also has many ergonomic and safety features to meet the needs of operators and relevant workplace safety authorities in all types of working conditions, weather and terrain.
A technology unique to Hyundai forklifts is included in this unit – a wet disc brake system. Use of a wet disc type brake improves brake performance to a high degree.
Generally, brake pedal effort is improved by about 45% at 20% slope and wet disc brakes have maintenance intervals about five times longer than conventional dry braking systems.
Powered by a 115.5kW, 2200rpm six cylinder turbo-charged engine, 160D-7 is built for power but does not sacrifice reliability and economy. This engine meets EPA Tier 2 and EU stage 2 emission regulations.
Full automatic transmission gives easy, convenient handling and soft, smooth shifting. The operator can select two kinds of automatic modes.
By utilising a mast tilting angle of 15º forward and 12º backward, an operator can perform loading and unloading jobs safely and rapidly.
The unit can achieve 33.1% gradeability and a travel speed (unloaded) of 33.7km/h as it is powered by a high-output engine and can maintain these levels on most tough terrains or slopes.
A hypoid-type planetary reduction-drive axle smoothly delivers desired torque to the drive wheels.
On top of all the power aspects of the Hyundai 160D-7, there are many ergonomic and safety features to ensure not only the safe handling of the forklift but also consistent operator comfort and ergonomics.
With a wider view mast, the 160D-7 can be operated with increased safety and accuracy. An easy-to-operate parking switch makes it possible to exert excellent parking power (a parking brake negative spring type is applied).
An important source of comfort for operators is leg room, and the Hyundai 160D-7 affords a lot of this in a wide cabin room and easy access.
Responsive operating control levers require only minimal operator effort for precise, safe and productive control (3-Lever Standard / 45-Lever option). Instrument panel switches are conveniently to the operator’s right console for easy operation.
Large rear view mirrors allow the driver to work with a high level of awareness of what is around the vehicle at all angles.
Within the driver cab, environment control is facilitated by a high-output air conditioner and heater mounted on the upper side of the cabin to ensure there is wide room in the cabin.
All gauges are user-friendly and the monitor panel is water resistant. An adjustable steering column handle is adjustable to suit the operator’s body shape. An easily adjustable suspension seat is designed with human engineering in mind for extreme comfort.
Ergonomically positioned pedals are convenient for the driver while operating the equipment. A double type wiper mounted on the front and rear side of the cabin provides excellent visibility even in rains.
The unit also has a highly durable carriage made of high tensile structural steel which has a excellent durability. Working in narrow spaces is easy because the width of the carriage is narrower than overall width of the vehicle. The safety overhead guard meets EEC and ANSI regulations and protects the operator during hazardous jobs.
A cabin tilting automatic system makes servicing of all power train components quick and easy. An electrically assisted hydraulic actuated cylinder tilts the operator cabin to left side about 65º for easy access to truck components.
Other features include a muffler rain cover, durable steering axle, a fitted protector for hub bolts, large footboard and handle, electrically monitored air quality, automatic self locking, easy check oil level gauge, central electric controllers, large engine hood and an easy-change double air cleaner.

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