Truckies still rejoicing after Budget announcements

Thousands of truck drivers are set to benefit from massive infrastructure projects announced by the Federal Government recently.
Major construction works announced in the 2009-10 Budget include A$28 billion in road projects over six years from 2008-09 to 2013-14.
Of this amount, A$3.4 billion is to be invested in 2009-10 with four major projects making up the bulk of the spending.
Co-founder and operator of Barker Transport, Ed Barker, says the announcement is great news to those who are working in the Australian transport industry.
“It is definitely good news for everyone who is involved in transport. Trucks are a crucial part of everyday infrastructure. Updating and improving the road network is essential.”
“As routes are updated more truck drivers are able to help deliver consumer goods to drought stricken areas, move dangerous waste and more. Truckies really are the life blood of the Australian economy,” he said.
Working in the transport industry for 25 years, Ed says he understands the amount of pressure truck drivers face on a daily basis. He started Barker Transport with his wife Michelle fifteen years ago after being made redundant.
“The job itself is quite stressful without having to worry about the amount of work around. I think this will really help take a lot of stress off truck drivers and encourage more people to go into it as a career,” he said.
Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, Trevor Martyn, has said the announcement will mean lower costs for families at the supermarket checkout.
“Every Australian family will also benefit, long after the current recession is just a memory. Better roads lead to lower costs at the supermarket checkout, because the trucking industry delivers every item in every Australian’s supermarket trolley,” he said.

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