Preventing warehouse disasters

In the warehousing and logistics industry there can be few things more traumatic than a rack collapse. With increased awareness of safety in the workplace and current OH&S legislation, allowing for individuals as well as companies to be charged with safety breaches, there is focused attention on these issues like never before.
Dexion recognised the significance of this area, launching Dexion Lifetime Service in 2004. Recently relaunched as Dexion Service, this proactive division has received unprecedented industry acceptance and now services over 250 companies across many industry sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale/retail, logistics and records management.
According to Alan Smith, Dexion Logistics, national service and construction manager, the division is responding to industry demands.
“Workplace safety is just about the most important issue in the industry right now and Dexion Service has responded with our Scheduled Service Plans and a number of other initiatives that assist our customers to ensure their workplace is as safe and risk free as possible,” he said.
“The newly-developed Scheduled Service Plans are aimed at monitoring and preventing failures before they occur. Regular scheduled rack inspections and rack inspection log books are aimed at keeping racking systems in a ‘fit-for-purpose’ condition,” he said.
Dexion Service has a team of dedicated racking inspectors operating nationally and they are able to assess damage, report findings, quote corrective maintenance and provide solutions to safety for both Dexion and non-Dexion products.
“We are providing an extended range of value-add services to our customers that begins with the capital investment in Dexion equipment and extends right through the life of the product and into safe work practices and training,” said Smith.
Racking is designed to a specific need in line with AS4084 and whilst it is fully adjustable, changing the configuration can compromise the racking design integrity. Dexion Service provides a comprehensive service in determining the options available for a particular design.
“Standardised rack-inspection software developed by Dexion, coupled with PDA devices, enable our inspectors to provide same-day reports and in most cases, immediate quotations to enable rectification work to begin as soon as possible. This helps minimise workplace downtime and maximise levels of safety,” he said.
“Damage to racking systems, most commonly caused by forklifts is our number one reason for call-out. Racking failure can result in personal injury or death, damaged stock, massive disruption to supply and plummeting levels of customer service. Why risk it?” said Smith.
“There are a number of measures that help minimise the damage caused by forklifts. The installation of rack protections devices such as Dexion’s new SmartGuard upright protectors, guide rails and column guards is the first step.
“Always ensure beams are fitted with safety locks to prevent accidental dislodgement and ensure safe working load signs are in every facility. Also provide adequate forklift driver training in safe loading and unloading techniques for racking.
“Customers should take all possible steps to ensure the safety of their warehouse, through a Scheduled Service Plan which will provide a strong defence in the event of an accident and any resulting Workcover investigation,” said Smith. “We take workplace safety very seriously, and Dexion Service provides the industry at large, not just Dexion customers, with a service that is second to none with its comprehensive nature and the quality and experience of the service engineers that conduct the inspections”.
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