RTA to help container trucks clean up their act

The NSW Roads and Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is inviting road transport operators based at Port Botany to take part in a free diesel retrofit demonstration program at Port Botany during 2009/10.
The program will involve the fitting of ‘partial particle traps’ on the exhausts of up to 20 pre-2002 diesel trucks operating from Port Botany. It is estimated that these devices can reduce a diesel trucks emissions by up to 50 percent.
There will be no financial cost to operators that take part in the program in regards to the purchase and the fitting of the devices, which can be scheduled to take place during non-operating periods. Participants in the program may be required to make their truck available for emissions testing. The program is only open to operators working at Port Botany’s container terminal and bulk liquids precinct.
This is an important program as a majority of container transporters are individual subcontractors, operating aging hand-me-down trucks that are often 20-30 years old, with the associated pollution problems.
This program is fully funded by the RTA and supported by Sydney Ports Corporation. If you would like further information about the program, please contact Warren Telfer on 02 8588 5527 or

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