Logistics Association of Australia celebrates 25 years of service

As Australia’s major Association focused on logistics & supply chain management, the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA) is leading the industry into the e-world of the 21st century.

The LAA is a non-profit organisation representing logistics professionals, practitioners and students. It acts as an conduit between logistics professionals and industry, government and education bodies.

The LAA’s main objectives is to keep its members up to date on the latest trends, techniques and technologies affecting the international logistics industry. 

The organisation does this through sending out monthly newsletters and communications, organising site visits and seminars to help keep its members informed. It also supports organisations in the provision of logistics and related exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

Operated by a committee of elected member logistics professionals, the LAA lists its vision statement as:

“To serve and advance the Logistics and Supply Chain profession in Australia.”

Striving to be the Australian professional organisation for people associated with logistics and supply, the LAA aims to:

  • Create value for members and stakeholders
  • Collaborate responsibly with relevant organisations
  • Develop the profession by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Encourage, recognise and reward achievements and excellence within the profession

LAA is headquartered in Sydney.

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