Managing the fleet for higher profits

Making optimised business decisions to reduce carbon footprints, reduce costs, save time and improve asset utilisation are important in all fleet management businesses.

Telogis is an American company that provides a cloud-based location intelligence software platform that has the ability to transform the way businesses optimise their mobile assets and critical data.

The Telogis platform was designed to provide mission-critical and actionable information for companies with mobile workforces.

Telogis’ software platform works for companies that require mobile applications, real time work order management, dynamic routing, navigation and telematics for their mobile work force.

Susan Heystee, executive vice president for worldwide sales, says the Telogis platform allows companies to improve their businesses.

“Where we have differentiated is in providing enterprise telematics and location intelligence, routing and progression to really help companies transform their business,” she told Logistics & Materials Handling Magazine.

And with a new push into the oil and gas sector in Australia, Heystee says demand for the software is growing.

“We have several large customers that we are providing the solutions for globally, and Australia is a clear market that they’re pulling us into to deploy these solutions.

“BHP is a large customer of ours in North America and Orica is a large customer for us in Chile.

“We’re being driven by the demand from our enterprise customer,” she explained.

Telogis for Oil & Gas is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise software suite targeting companies in the oil and gas sector.

The company says the features of the platform can improve driver safety, fuel efficiency, and also addresses specific reporting requirements for powered and nom-powered assets.

The platform monitors a vehicle’s systems and sends instant in-cab alerts for unbuckled seatbelts, aggressive driving, speeding, hard-braking and fast acceleration.

All alerts are assembled into driver safety scorecards and enterprise dashboards so that progress and reporting is made easy.

Alerts can also be sent to managers via SMS or email, making it useful for behaviours that require immediate coaching.

Telogis for Oil and Gas also delivers mobile workforce applications, monitors vehicle idle time, automated off-road mileage, power take off use and total distance driven.

The platform also provides oil and gas companies with the ability to develop and import their existing map layers and track high-value mobile assets to help prevent loss.

“In the area of mining it is supporting additional technologies in geo-spacial, as well as content to be able to bring in all the contents above the mine site and overlay that into the platform so that not only are you looking at clusters of your assets and your vehicles, but it covers many different types of powered assets,” Heystee told LMH.

"An example of that is we’re working with companies in the U.S. to bring in all of their well sites. We are able to verify that a well site has been inspected every day and look at how much time is spent at each site.”

Heystee said these features allow greater visibility into the day-to-day operations of a company’s mobile workforce, with the ultimate goal of reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

“What we do is turn the lights on to those mobile resources and assets by providing visibility on ways to integrate and transform the business,” she said.

“By implementing changes based on what we’re able to measure we can create programs that really drive efficiency, ensure that fuel is optimised, ensure that workers and crews are safe, and integrate those mobile resources much more closely back into the business.

“We work with companies to provide telematics on things like driver safety, and behaviours, and we are able to ensure that vehicles are being routed to a particular job, and that we have the right mix of the fleet to deliver on the jobs being performed.”

Heystee said the new platform will help deliver improvements for the resource industry and their mobile fleets.

“These companies have millions of dollars in mobile resources that are out performing the work of the business,” she stated.

“We are already deployed with Transfield Services here, so we’ve got quite a few customers already that are large enterprise scale fleets.”

President of Telogis Fleet, Jason Koch, said the features of the platform would enable resource companies to deliver driver excellence.

“With the level of expertise earned through years of work with the oil and gas industry, we felt that it was important for Telogis to focus our efforts on addressing the very specific needs of these companies,” he said.

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