Freight forwarding company puts customer service first

Founding directors Kelly Crossley and Frank Hodder hold the
core value of keeping client relationships personal, and are quite passionate
about the connection between company and client when talking about the personal
service provided by their freight-forwarding business, Transitainer.

“When any new client uses Transitainer for the first time,
their experience will usually see them they stay with us, as the company has
grown largely through our client referral rate which is tremendous,” Hodder

“We have a small, tight-knit and dedicated team, with
collective industry import/export experience spanning more than 60 years.”

Hodder said the most important thing that sets Transitainer
apart from the crowd is that when a client calls, the team knows them personally,
and the client can be confident that they will get results for their enquiry.

“Although there should be little need for a client to call once
services have been engaged,” he said.

“Clients never need to chase us up; they are kept fully
informed from start to finish, receiving regular updates straight into their
working emails.

“There’s no having to login to a web platform and trying to
navigate and find their shipping details: Any changes to a shipment, we prefer
to phone and speak directly with our client directly with up to the minute information
at their fingertips. Again, we keep it very personal.”

Directors Hodder and Crossley pride themselves on the flexibility
and bargaining power Transitainer has by fostering relationships with freight
forwarding agents around the world.

“We control our own freight,” Hodder said.

“We have strong third-party agents all over the world, and
have mutually exclusive arrangements with all of them, but we maintain reguler
checks to see what rates we can secure locally, and we dictate the prices to
our agents, our agents don’t dictate to us.

In the field of freight forwarding, Hodder said there were
two schools of thought in relation to global transport.

“You can have your own offices around the world, but you’re
only ever as good as the office that you work out of, whereas we have agents,
and if we find that one is not efficient enough we can align another agent, we
do have that flexibility.”

Transitainer caters for all general commerce freight, via
domestic port lodgements or international locations, from small courier items, air
freight, LCL and containerised freight, right up to bulk freight.

Hodder said since the start-up of Transitainer six years
ago, company growth has been substantial, and “quite spectacular”.

“I think this is about our personalised service. We regularly
follow up orders and make sure that what we said would happen, does happen,” he

“We are also supported by a very powerful IT system,
Cargowise, which is customised specifically to our requirements and ensures our
business here in Perth is always technologically in touch with our business
around the world.

“To stay competitive in the freight forwarding industry
today, we feel the key to our success has been maintaining a personal touch
with the client, built on trust, understanding and reliability.”

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