Crown Equipment focuses on training in new facility

Crown Commercial Training has made significant changes to its training program with a new opportunity offered to design a new corporate training environment.

The new training facility comprises various common material handling environments ranging from yard work to racking aisle work, right up to the challenges involved in working in extremely tight surroundings with very narrow aisle equipment.

According to Crown compliance and operations manager Hywel Williams, “We had our racking arm, Crown Warehouse Solutions, design and install two new stockpicking aisles so that operators undergoing narrow aisle stockpicker training would be working in real-life conditions.”

Crown is currently providing training to 5,000 operators annually, so it is important that their training modules are kept to a high standard. To achieve this, the company has spent the last three years upgrading and refining their training modules and materials.

Their training manuals are designed to be totally portable, so that operators who undergo courses in their own company premises are afforded the same quality training as those who undertake training in Crown’s Sydney facility.

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