The search for data on industrial theft

Statistics obtained by the Australian Federal Police show fraud losses from staff and former staff are costing Australian businesses over $1.5 billion a year.
Industrial theft can be a major problem for all kinds of businesses. For example, utilities, miners, builders and even schools can all suffer. Expensive tools, equipment, machinery and materials are costly to replace and the resultant project delays and downtime can be devastating.
National sales manager at DataDot Technology Anthony Goslin bemoans the lack of information available on the impact and real cost of theft: “We have found that there is a lack of measurable data on industrial theft. This has made it harder for businesses to recognise theft trends and implement strategies to combat the issue.”
In association with Peter Price at Crime Stoppers NSW, DataDot Technology Ltd has developed the first-ever industrial theft survey. The aim of the survey is to gather information on what businesses are dealing with, how they are being impacted, and what current strategies they are using to combat industrial theft.
It is hoped that as the number of respondents grows, so too does the quality of the data that can then be used to benchmark theft and recovery rates and develop strategy and solutions to minimise or even eradicate the impact of theft on business.
“Quite simply, you don’t know what you don’t know, and as respondents add their own experiences to the survey, a more accurate picture of what is going on will start to form,” said Mr Goslin.
Participation and receipt of a summary report from the survey is free of charge and without obligation. However, respondents must participate in the survey (which will take less than 5 minutes), and provide their email address in order to receive the report (via email).
The survey can be found here. 
We encourage you to participate in the survey, and forward the link to any of your colleagues who you think would also be able to contribute valuable input and benefit from receiving the report.

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