Chinese parents get instant confidence on Australian dairy

Camperdown Dairy International has adopted a ground-breaking platform to allow Chinese consumers to quickly check the authencity and provenance of its products using just their smartphones.

Developed with product identification and inspection experts Matthews Australia and the cloud-based authenticity platform Trust Codes, the system prints each tin of infant milk formula with a unique QR code with human-readable information managed by iDSnet.

The printed QR code allows consumers to scan and identify the individual product and report its history; it also displays key information about Camperdown Dairy International, Australian dairy products, and how best to consume the product.

In China, where food safety is a top concern and QR codes are commonplace, each Trust Code assures consumers that the product is not counterfeit, is not subject to a recall, and is not beyond its shelf life –among other safety checks. The Trust Codes platform uses a proprietary algorithm based on scanning history to validate each individual product.

Camperdown’s General Manager, Gavin Evans says “We recognised that Chinese consumers want surety that the product they give to their children is real, and is sourced from the country of origin that is stated on the packaging. We want them to be able to easily access that information with just their smartphone, and they can do this at the retail store or later at home.”

“The code works with any smartphone. There is no dedicated app to download, which we considered to be a major barrier to adoption.”

“Matthews and Trust Codes worked together to provide us with a solution that integrates seamlessly with our production line. Our tins are laser-marked during production and can be scanned at any point in production, distribution, retail or post-sale.”

Camperdown is one of only eight Australian infant-formula manufacturers approved by the Chinese Government.

Since being granted its Chinese infant-formula manufacturing and export licence in July 2015, Camperdown has been focused on increasing production at its Melbourne-based site to supply China and the domestic market.

Chinese regulators are requiring infant-milk formula producers to provide comprehensive tracking and identification systems in response to consumer concerns about food safety.

“To safety this requirement, we chose Trust Codes for the ‘proof of provenance’ system coupled with Matthews Australasia, who delivered with their iDSnet software platform, a solution that integrated the production line with a scribing laser that then marks the can with the unique Trust Code embedded in the printed QR barcode. The solution also incorporates in-line validation with a camera-based system to ensure each printed code is verified and then uploaded to the secure Trust Codes Cloud.”

Matt Nichol, National Key Account Manager and Laser Specialist at Matthews, says “The Trust Codes’ solution provides advanced cryptographic code generation, fraud-tracking algorithms and the consumer interface. Matthews configured their production-line, iDSnet, which integrates with Trust Codes and the advanced Solaris laser scribing system, to provide Camperdown with an end-to-end solution.”

Camperdown’s Gavin Evans says, “We were up and running in weeks –well ahead of other infant-milk-formula processors. Between Matthews and Trust Codes, we were provided a lot of expertise –not just about technology, but about how the systems are used in China to assure customers about our product.

“I have no doubt that their system and their people have made our compliance with Chinese product laws and consumer expectations much easier.”

Trust Codes’ Director Paul Ryan was particularly pleased with the speed at which the project was delivered.

“Working with Matthews went completely to plan. Their plan quickly integrated their laser printing system with our platform using their award-winning iDSnet software solution to deliver a ‘set-and-forget’ solution for Camperdown.

“At Trust Codes, our mission is to make our customers’ products the most credible on the planet. Camperdown and Matthews are showing the way.”

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