ALC calls for Abolition of RSRA

The Australian Logistics Council has written to government ministers across all levels of Parliament, urging to repeal the Road Safety Remuneration Act (RSRA) a legislative priority when Parliament resumes next week.
According to ALC Managing Director Michael Kilgariff, the Parliament must focus its efforts on working to put in place practical measures, such as on-board technologies, that can improve supply chain safety.
“The Tribunal’s Orders are resulting in regulatory overlap, confusion, inefficiencies and costs, and the Parliament needs to act as a matter of urgency to address this growing issue, which threatens to undermine industry’s efforts to improve supply chain safety and compliance,” Kilgariff said.
“Improving safety in the heavy vehicle industry must be based on achieving greater compliance and enforcement of Chain of Responsibility within the Heavy Vehicle National Law. That approach has been working with the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles in a downward trend.”
ALC’s publication Why the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Should Be Abolished provides a compelling argument as to why the Tribunal should no longer exist and what approaches need to be taken to improve heavy vehicle safety.

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