Reaching new heights of performance

A warehouse can only perform as effectively as its forklifts and their drivers. That’s why every Mitsubishi reach truck is specially engineered to take any operator’s performance to the next level. The SENSiA RB14-25N2 reach truck range brings together a tremendous package of features that will keep your driver happy, and a happy driver is a productive driver.
The combination of powerful AC technology and advanced electronic systems guarantee a precise and smooth fork movement, travel and manoeuvring. The operator compartment is spacious, comfortable and has multiple features that enhance the driver’s performance through the user friendly controls and instruments.
Forklift 1
As visibility is paramount in any lifting operation, SENSiA offers great vision from the cabin, through the mast, carriage and overhead guard. At any time, the operator knows exactly what’s going on around them. Also SENSiA trucks have the strength to lift heavier loads to higher heights than most trucks its size allowing for accurate work at heights of up to 13m.
To enhance operator productivity, SENSiA provides an advanced fingertip control system that is the most sensitive and accurate in the world. With its progressive, modulated fingertip response curves, it delivers a ‘feel’ and an accuracy that put drivers in total control. Together with the ergonomic armrest, SENSiA ensures operators stay focused, safe and productive – even through the longest shifts.
Additionally, Mitsubishi has introduced a new-range of cold store cabins for the SENSiA reach truck range. These cabins are tailored for operation and reliably in temperatures as low as -35ºc.
Forklift 2
SENSiA cold store models have been built with cold-resistant cabling and waterproofed electrics that protect against damage from cold and moisture. While SENSiA’s thermostatically controlled heaters protect critical components, its hydraulics have also been optimised to perform in the coldest of conditions.
For employers, these trucks deliver the height of reliability. You will enjoy efficient, worry-free, low-cost operation, with durable components, electronic diagnostics and easy service access keeping downtime to a minimum. There is a choice of ten SENSiA models to meet every need.
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