Konecranes brings intermodal container handling into the future with its new Boxporter RMG crane

Konecranes SE Asia is introducting its new BOXPORTER Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) crane to the region, to give operators the clearest view in intermodal container handling with its “smarter cabin.”
The smarter cabin gives the operator superb visibility and comfort as well as an extended view of truck and train loading and unloading and container stacking, thanks to video and control information displayed on the cabin monitor.
Konecranes has been delivering Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes to intermodal operators for many years. The new BOXPORTER RMG is the result of customer feedback and systematic study of field use conditions.
BOXPORTER is built on a modular design approach that provides the efficiency benefits of standardization while giving the customer great scope for tailoring with optional features. The goal is a fast delivery time, high container handling productivity, excellent reliability, low maintenance and long service life. There is also an evolution path to remote operation and full automation.
The clearest view in intermodal
The intermodal container handling environment has special requirements for lifting equipment. A core requirement is excellent visibility. The greater the crane operator’s ability to see clearly from the cabin, the greater his ability to perform his work safely and productively. BOXPORTER offers the clearest view in intermodal, thanks to its “smarter cabin” offering clear sightlines and its cabin monitor that extends the operator’s view to the handling action with an advanced user interface derived from Konecranes’ remote operating station technology from Automated Stacking Crane systems.
Top productivity
An intermodal RMG needs to be very productive and BOXPORTER meets that requirement with its Active Load Control (ALC) system. ALC is an integrated sway prevention and fine positioning system that allows the operator to move the spreader, not the crane, when carrying out most loading and unloading tasks.
Unique remote service strength
The BOXPORTER RMG comes with TRUCONNECT®, a remote service that brings together the relevant crane usage data for informed decision-making through a single graphical interface,
Remote Operation
Konecranes can replace entirely the crane operator pulpit chair and pulpit itself with a remote operators station or ROS which allows someone to operate the crane via cameras from a central operations room located in the facility. This ROS ensures all personnel are removed from harm’s way.

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