The best of the best: Smart 2017 Award winners

The 2017 SMART Awards celebrate exceptional corporate and individual performance in the following categories:

  • Excellence in Manufacturing Supply Chains.
  • Excellence in Procurement.
  • Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Distribution.
  • Excellence in Event Humanitarian or Military Logistics.
  • Excellence in Transport & Logistics.

For 2017, a panel of Subject Matter Experts were assembled to judge the awards. The judges assessed the award submissions across a number of criteria including quality of submissions, benefits to organisation and industry, demonstration of innovation and adoption of leading industry practices, integration with business objectives, stakeholder engagement and communication, project execution and delivery.
The SMART 2017 awards have been robust and competitive in every category. Winners should rightly enjoy prestigious recognition among their peers, competitors and customers.

The judges looked for examples of efficient re-engineering or enhanced design of smooth flow of materials through production cycle; supply chain integration, cost management and efficiency of operations.
The finalists were:

  • Robotic Automation P/L
  • Packsize International

The winning finalist demonstrated sustainability concept for corrugated packaging through its on-demand packaging initiative – a unique integration of systems, equipment and processes that optimised order size, material requirement and packaging throughput. The project delivered 40% reduction in cartons sizes, 20% reduction in corrugated use and reduction of carbon footprint with 25 tons of CO2 per million square feet of corrugated saved while improving customer service and operational efficiencies.
The winner of the Award for Excellence in Manufacturing Supply Chains is: PACKSIZE INTERNATIONAL.
The judges looked for significant achievement in the supply chain supporting a major event or military customer anywhere in the Asia-Pacific area, especially its integration and contribution to the success of the mission, task or event.
The winning nomination responded to a severe weather event, a severe 1-in-200-year hail storm that had a devastating effect on the distribution centre and disrupted supply. The nominee responded with speed and assembled and supported in highly degraded environment sufficient equipment and resources to keep the supply chain moving and deliver on their customer service commitment. The recovery project was rapid and well executed as a result of strong program governance and extensive consultation with stakeholders. Judges found it to be very good example of business resilience while responding to the customer needs and ensuring safety of its staff.
The winner of the Award for Excellence in Event, Humanitarian or Military Logistics is: METCASH.

The judges looked for streamlining of operations and improvements in cost control and customer service in the transport of goods or people, locally or internationally, and across transport modes.
The finalists were:

  • Harvey Norman,
  • eCheck Solutions
  • COR Australia
  • Linfox Logistics

The winning nomination was a collaborative process automation project, an online subcontractor management system that enabled compliance with mandatory and customer-specific safety accreditation and training requirements for drivers. The system helped reduce internal administration costs by reducing process time and providing a direct channel of communication with subcontractor. It also helped in improving road safety by ensuring high standards of driver training are applied to subcontractors as well as in-house drivers.  The system is currently being used by 150 site managers, 50 corporate users and over 1000 external users and had recorded 80% reduction in administrative and legal processing time.
The winner of the Award for Excellence in Transport and Logistics is: LINFOX LOGISTICS.

The judges looked for excellence in negotiation, outsourcing, service agreements, contract performance management and reporting.
The winning nomination was an innovative collaboration that aimed at developing value-adding relationships rather than transactional relationships with suppliers. The initiative embedded continuous improvement methodologies in supplier relationships through agreed and shared KPI, structured collaboration and performance tracking. This helped deliver ‘affordable’ high service levels including on-time deliveries and lowering damage rates. The program now has 120 participating suppliers representing 96% of sales. The framework now enables regular learning and education opportunities regarding key business drivers, challenges and strategies.
The winner of the Award for Excellence in Procurement is: SYMBION.

The judges looked for improvements in storage, inventory management, materials handling, order fulfilment, shipping or forwarding at any stage in the supply chain.
The finalists in the Supply Chain Management category were:

  • Manhattan Associates
  • Country Road Group
  • Roy Hill
  • Woolworths Group
  • Symbion

The winning nomination demonstrated successful implementation of supply chain discipline in its integrated iron ore mining, rail and port operations in West Australia. It introduced a new operating model that incorporated systems thinking approach that synchronised information and material flow by applying innovative, risk-managed decision making, engaging with stakeholder community, leveraging technology and capability and building on improvement culture that is high-performing, resilient and low-cost. Judges found the submission to be very high quality, supported by strong evidence base and analysis.
The winner of the Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Distribution is ROY HILL.

This is the major Award for Smart 2017. Continuing in the established tradition of the Smart Awards, it recognises an individual who has provided an outstanding contribution to the profession of supply chain management in Australia.
In making this award, the Board of SMART Conferences looks for an individual who is reasonably well known, and ‘their time has come’; they have more than 10 years’ experience in the supply chain industry, and have made a significant contribution to their field, including innovation and creativity, other than the traditional supply chain improvements.
A director of NSW Ports, the new owners of the privatised ports of Sydney and Port Kembla. He has recently retired as chairman of the Logistics Council of Australia and chairman of the McAleese Group.
He has been a leader in the logistics and supply chain industry for over forty years. His experiences are many covering the whole spectrum of the logistics industry, commencing with Mayne Nickless and TNT. He then participated in the growth years of Toll Holdings from 1997 to 2007 as operations director and CEO of Pacific National.
Following the split of Pacific National and Patrick from Toll, he was appointed chief operating officer of the newly formed public company Asciano.
His industry experience includes: logistics and supply chain, Australian ports  operations, Australian rail operations, warehousing, road transport, industrial relations and shipping and ferry services.
His expertise in the transport and logistics field is highly regarded throughout the industry. As such he has undertaken advisory management positions to both Monash University and RMIT, and is a past member of the University of Sydney’s Institute of Transport Studies’ Logistics Management Advisory Committee.
He has also held director positions with Foodbank NSW and the Maritime Superannuation Board. He has also been awarded a Lifetime Membership with the Australian Ship Owners Association for services to the Australian shipping and logistics industry.
The award recipient for 2017 is DON TELFORD.

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