The answer to heavy vehicle accidents: shipping

Ports Australia chief executive officer Mike Gallacher said the quickest, simplest and cheapest way to improve the safety of our roads is to move unnecessary freight off the roads.
“Australia is an island nation with ports up and down the coastline connecting every major town and city to each other via the blue highway.
“Our ports are there, they are connected and they are open for business, and we need the government to see that and start using this country’s freight network effectively.
“Shipping is by far the most economical and environmentally sound way of moving freight. We have to start removing unnecessary truck movements off the roads that we all use and not rely simply on extra regulation and new technology.”
“The government is developing a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and if we are serious about improving safety on our roads and functioning better as a country, then shipping has to be a central pillar.
“Better utilisation of ports around the country will not only result in a positive safety outcome for country and regional roads it will also create job opportunities, particularly in regional communities.
“We need a strategy that reflects the flexibility of roads, the connectivity of rail and the capacity of our ports,” Mike Gallacher said.

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