Shopping centres join the online retail revolution

Mirvac Retail is extending its digital reach with two newly announced partnerships trialling and rolling out offers and online access to its portfolio of retail centres for the connected urban customer.
Customer convenience is the aim of the deals Mirvac Retail has done with online food delivery service foodora and search platform innovator Mall Ops.
The roll-out of the foodora partnership across Mirvac Retail this year is claimed to be a ground-breaking deal for the delivery service, offering Mirvac restaurant and dining retailers an opportunity to introduce their service into a wider variety of communities for their customers and retailers.
While retailers are at the centre of this partnership, consumers are also to benefit with an expansion of the foodora service into sub-regional areas such as Brisbane’s Orion Springfield Central, which starts the service this month.
The foodora partnership provides additional delivery functionality for all hospitality businesses within the Mirvac Retail portfolio, enhancing their visibility and convenience in the community.
Mirvac Retail national marketing manager Paul Pozzobon said: “We are working closely with digital companies who are customer-focused, such as foodora, to ensure our retailers remain visible and our customers receive greater service online and offline.”
Further extending its position online, Mirvac has been working with Mall Ops, launching its first digital shopping platform at flagship centre Broadway Sydney. Mall Ops specialises in the production of digital shopping platforms, creating a seamless searchable capability that directly connects customers to the centre’s retailers and products as part of their shopping.
Mall Ops CEO and founder Doron Ostrin said: “Studies tell us some 74% of purchase decisions begin with online research – we have all done it… search Google for a product or category we’re looking for, and begin comparing pricing, availability and speed of delivery.
“Mall Ops technology allows customers to search anything across all retailers in Broadway, from brown shoes to purple t-shirts. Although some customers may opt for an online purchase, the purpose of this platform is to strategically place our own centre brands in front of customers – driving increased traffic and showing options, availability and improving shopping both digitally and in the centre,” Mr Pozzobon said.
Since launching the platform at the end of last year, Broadway Sydney has appeared in 354,885 product searches online and attracted over 36,000 users on the website, vastly enhancing the centre’s visibility with existing and new customers and ensuring Broadway tenants are top of mind during the shopping search phase.
“The whole-of-centre platform means the customer can be reminded of our brand, and engage with our centre and our retailers in their search. It is designed to meet the customer needs wherever they might be in a multi-channel, mobile-first marketplace. This platform opens a whole raft of opportunities for us to communicate information and offers tailored to appeal to them, so we are very excited with these early results.
“Through strategic digital partnerships, we are growing our assets and re-defining shopping to meet customers wherever they are,” Mr Pozzobon said.

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