Artificial intelligence to cut food delivery times by 15 per cent

FarEye, a digital logistics platform, has launched Foodeligent, a ‘last mile’ SaaS-based delivery platform that uses machine learning and AI to enable restaurants offering food delivery companies to cut delivery times by up to 15%, and provide a far superior delivery experience.
Available immediately, FarEye Foodeligent has been designed to resolve the unique challenges facing the intensely competitive and fast growing food delivery market. Working to extremely tight delivery windows, and juggling high demand at peak periods (e.g. lunchtimes, evenings, weekends), restaurants and food delivery companies are judged by customers on how well they manage the overall delivery experience. FarEye’s Foodeligent AI platform for last mile logistics gives them the insight they need to: speed up deliveries; improve the customer proposition and experience; optimize operations; and reduce costs.
The platform uses machine learning to leverage a range of specific data points concerning order density and delivery time windows to improve delivery predictability. It also intelligently allocates orders to riders based on the time they are expected to be back at base. When fully integrated with last-mile logistics companies’ systems, Foodeligent enables the deployment of an elastic and scalable network that helps to reduce costs and is far more efficient at handling periods of peak demand.
“The online food delivery market is about to be transformed by the advent of AI & machine learning applications that allow companies to radically improve their food delivery service. By applying AI and machine learning algorithms and techniques to the wealth of delivery data collected by the Foodeligent platform, our customers will have insights and information at their fingertips to improve their customer proposition and optimize operations, making it possible to cut delivery times by up to 15%,” said Kushal Nahata, CEO and Co-Founder of FarEye.

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