CEVA Logistics enters strategic alliance

CEVA Logistics has entered a strategic alliance with Goodpack to develop their innovation, Tyrecube – an intelligent returnable container for tyres with data acquisition and track and trace capabilities.
Through the introduction of Tyrecube, CEVA Logistics and Goodpack aim to collaborate on developing strategies and services for the efficient and safe transportation and storage of tyres across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.
Tyrecube is a patented collapsible and stackable container, providing an innovative method of moving tyres worldwide. By simplifying complicated movements characterised by short order-to-delivery cycles, the teams hope to deliver measurable value to the global tyre industry. Traditionally, the loose loading of tyres has been a very labour-intensive and manual process, with minimal automation and little visibility. Tyrecube as a transport and storage module reportedly helps avoid loose loading and provides a better protection of the tyres. Tyrecube works for approximately 90 per cent of all tyre types.
“We believe that by working in close collaboration with Goodpack, we can develop Tyrecube into the world’s best global solution for the storage and movement of tyres,” said CEVA Logistics CEO, Xavier Urbain.
“The exciting part of this alliance is the scope it has for delivering across multiple vertical markets, from aviation through to passenger cars, motorbikes, trucks, off-road vehicles and industrial and agricultural equipment.
“We have the opportunity to revolutionise what is a traditional process by introducing a single, common container handling unit throughout the supply chain which will significantly improve process efficiency, product protection and visibility. We are convinced that this new innovative solution will bring a lot of value to the customers,” he said.
“We are very excited to form this partnership with a market-leader like CEVA Logistics,” said Goodpack CEO, Eric Grégoire. “By bringing our core competencies together, we are proposing much-needed innovation for the tyre industry, enabling us to address some of its biggest issues, such as quality, traceability, workplace hygiene and ergonomics, and all at a lower cost. Together we will modernise this industry and bring it into the digital world by leveraging, sharing and pooling our assets within this alliance.”

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