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QHDC has launched a safer and smarter warehouse solution for picking and packing with the introduction of Dane Technologies products in Australia. 
Given the size, quantity and weight of much of the goods moved in the logistics industry, it is not surprising to learn that many workers are exposed to a series of risks to their health and wellbeing.
The transport, postal and warehousing industry is responsible for the second highest rate of work-related injury in the country and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 76 per 1,000 employees sustain an injury or illness annually while on the job.
The Konekt Market Report analysed more than 113,000 cases of workers compensation and non-compensable cases over a six-year period and found that lower back pain is the second-greatest contributor of disability in Australia. The report also revealed that the average service cost for an injured transport worker is $1,319.
The National Transport and Logistics Industry Health and Wellbeing Study, by Monash University found that musculoskeletal conditions were the most common condition in all of the logistics and transport worker respondents surveyed. This accounts for 60.2 per cent of all claims in the logistics and transport sector, compared with 54 per cent in all other sectors.
Safe and smart
QHDC, an Australian supplier of castors, wheels and materials handling equipment and accessories, saw that there was room for improvement in the current offering of safe, ergonomic and easy-to-use fulfilment solutions for the warehouse and decided to bring a globally leading solution to the Australian market.
Dane Technologies, established in 1996, is an American provider of automated ergonomic solutions for, among others, the logistics industry. QHDC is bringing their smart solutions for the logistics industry to Australia with the introduction of the Smart:Rack, Smart:Drive, M3 Series and PowerPal CM.
“Our background is in shopping trolleys and we have worked with Dane Technologies in automating and improving this area. We had great confidence in the product offerings they have in this space and have decided to diversify into the logistics sphere,” Roy Mann, National & International Sales Manager at QHDC, says.
The Smart:Rack and Smart:Drive work together as part of the Smart:System. The Smart:Drive is the first of its kind – a multi-use, low profile power drive system. Designed to tuck under and securely hitch with carts and trolleys.
Engineered for e-commerce order fulfilment and warehouse management, it seamlessly integrates into existing systems used by warehouses, distribution centres, retail stores and fulfilment locations.
“This new smart solution is particularly helpful when needing to take product long distances down an aisle in a warehouse. There is a platform attached to the smart drive which allows you ride alongside the product, reducing the physical strain or the worker,” Roy says.
It has been designed for any warehouse worker to efficiently move up to 200kg. Having the option to either walk alongside the product, or ride behind it on a platform gives the employee flexibility depending on what their required use is, Roy says.
“The Smart:Drive really bridges the gap between manual processes and full automation, leading to efficient and safer picking and packing,” Roy adds.
The Smart:Drive also features a remote control so that workers can walk alongside the load. According to Roy, being able to ride behind or alongside decreases the risk of fatigue and injury. “Having the capability to move a 200kg load but not have to put a physical strain on the worker has increased productivity, reduced risk and reduced operational costs,” he says.
The product has been designed for those in the logistics industry to move product quicker and with less effort ­– leading to less accidents and risk to workers.
In addition to the Smart:System offering, QHDC will also be bringing a new heavy duty solution from Dane Technologies to the Australian logistics and materials handling market.
The PowerPal CM offers a solution designed to eliminate risks associated with industrial material handling it can safely move up to 9,070kg. With a variety of hitching options, the trolley is easy to use and intuitive, Roy says.
It also boasts added safety features with automatic dynamic braking, automatic parking brake and ergonomic throttle and operation.
According to Roy, the 10-year life cycle of one PowerPal is less than the average compensation cost for a single strain-related injury.
All of the Dane Technology offerings can be used for a variety of products and the powerful motor and increased load capacity of the PowerPal makes it ideal for heavier duty uses such as in airports or manufacturing.
In addition, QHDC will also offer the QuicKART M3 Series, which is the world’s most popular trolley retrieval solution. According to Roy, the M3 Series offers great value. “The M3 Series has over 200 hours of operating time and the most dependable trolley retrieval system. This offers a great return on investment,” he says.
The M3 Series is 20 per cent more powerful than its competitive solutions and is ergonomically designed to increase productivity and capacity, it can push or pull up to 30 trolleys safely and efficiently.
With a focus on safety and the prevention of work-related injuries, QHDC is excited to bring these smart solutions to the Australian logistics market. “We have a lot of confidence in this product and are looking forward to working with the logistics industry to improve safety and efficiency,” Roy says.
The Dane Technologies product range will be available in Australia from January 2019 and the team at QHDC will be able to service and maintain any of the products locally.
“We have educated and trained staff in house who can provide servicing and maintenance throughout Australia as well as keep a wide range of spare parts for this range,” Roy says.

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