Windows is ending support for enterprise mobility devices, are you ready?

Less than a year left until Windows end of support leaving 77% of enterprise mobility devices at risk. Are you prepared to make the switch?
Did you know there’s just under 10 months left before Windows ends support for enterprise mobility devices? With Microsoft’s plan to exit the enterprise device market they announced they will be phasing out support and security updates for Windows Embedded Operating Systems (OS) in January 2020.
What does this mean? Well, current Windows users will no longer receive automatic fixes, software updates or security updates, increasing the risk of a security breach. That’s 77% of enterprise devices on the market that will no longer be supported, and a number of businesses that now have little choice but to migrate to an alternative OS.
With Windows preparing to end support for enterprise devices, the opportunity has been presented for other brands to take the spot as market leader. Although, reporting 29% market share of the overall rugged device market in 2017, Android is taking the lead in being sole choice to switch to.
A prominent strength of Android’s Operating System and key to its rising popularity is its familiar interface; commonly used on smartphones and similar to previous Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. Thanks to the familiar style of interface, minimal operator training is required – new staff are up and running within a day.
For operators within the warehousing and logistics sector, an Android OS provides many productivity-enhancing benefits from improved interoperability, efficiency gains and enhanced user experience. Additionally, Android is an easy platform to develop on, and as a result has a wide range of applications available – designed to increase data accuracy and operator efficiency.
Upgrading to a modern OS offers great advantages for warehouse and logistics operators, by enabling them to access inventory information and process warehouse transactions. This contributes to improving picking accuracy and efficiency and better traceability throughout the supply chain – improving customer satisfaction.
There are two options available for upgrading to an Android OS: either through migration software or through a hardware upgrade. Both options offer a great opportunity for businesses to increase their operational efficiencies and productivity while at the same time containing costs.
Have you thought about what you’ll do once Windows ends support? Time is quickly running out to make the switch to a new OS platform. Preparing for the transition now will not only future-proof your business but ensure the best chance for a seamless transition.
If you would like to find out more about the change talk to insignia’s team today on 1300 467 446 or sales@insignia.com.au.

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