Orcoda signs multi-year transport contract with CEVA Logistics

Orcado Limited, an Australian-listed logistics optimisation company, has announced that its Transport Logistics division has signed a national multi-year contract with CEVA Logistics Australia.
The new contract will allow CEVA to consolidate the distribution of different brands of passenger tyres to retailers across Australia.
The company will implement phase one this month in Victoria. Phase one is valued at approximately $108,000. The other states will follow soon after.
Orcoda also announced that Mrs Macs, a long-term customer contract has come to an end.
“We are extremely pleased to expand on our partnership with CEVA. Our customers’ logistics needs vary as much as the products they market. Orcoda ensures that our solutions are modified to maximise the benefits in clients’ supply chains. This model builds unprecedented customer loyalty,” Brendan Mason, Managing Director said.

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