UTS opens 3D printing facility to grow advanced manufacturing sector

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has opened a 3D printing facility to help grow advanced manufacturing in Australia.
The facility, ProtoSpace, provides access to high-end equipment and expertise in 3D printing technology.
Featuring 3D printers unique in Australia, including the exclusive Nanodimension Dragonfly, a one-stop shop for 3D printed electronics, ProtoSpace is an open space for collaboration with business of all size and from all sectors, with a focus on SMEs and start-ups.
Director of ProtoSpace Hervé Harvard said that UTS is a young and progressive university making a significant investment in technology, ideation, research, teaching and learning to support Australian innovation.
“With some of the most advanced printers in the world, linked with academic expertise in using and extending 3D printing technology, ProtoSpace is delivering a unique resource to help achieve innovative Australian ideas,” he said.
3D printing is still less than 1 per cent of global manufacturing so there is huge potential for growth. Mr Harvard says many businesses and individuals with ideas are still unsure how they can harness the technology to innovate, and to remain relevant.

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