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Jake Peters, Technical Engineer at Vin Rowe recently spent some time in China to learn more about the electric forklift market. Logistics & Materials Handling finds out more.
Moving from the agricultural sector to the materials handling sector was an exciting opportunity for Jake Peters, Technical Engineer at Vin Rowe.
“I’ve been in the farming and agricultural business my entire life, and with Vin Rowe for many years now. But moving into the logistics and materials handling sector presents so many great opportunities,” Jake says.
Vin Rowe, one of Australia’s leading agricultural machinery distributors is now moving into the materials handling sector. With the backing of more than three generations of expertise, experience and reputation, the organisation is well placed to offer solutions in this space.
The Warragul-based company has now entered this sector with a join t partnership with Zowell, a Chinese manufacturer of electric materials handling equipment.
Zowell has more than 15 years’ experience in the materials handling sector and has designed a suite of products that offer stable and safe operation as well as comfort.
As the organisation is primarily based in China, Vin Rowe will be distributing and servicing the products here in Australia and as a result Jake has visited China to learn more about the Zowell range.
“I went over to China last year and the Zowell team were so welcoming. They were very straight forward with me and explained the entire workings of the products so that I could communicate that expertise to our customers here in Australia,” Jake says.
As an introduction to the product, the team at Vin Rowe decided to trial some of the Zowell products at their own location in Warragul.
“We’ve been using the XPB15 to move pallets around whenever a forklift is busy. It’s great, it moves pallets just as quickly and we were really impressed with it,” Jake says.
For Jake, the logistics industry presents a huge opportunity. “Nearly every business needs to move goods, I see so much possibility in the materials handling sector,” he says.
The agricultural sector and the logistics sector have more in common than Jake initially anticipated. “When a tractor breaks down, they need it to be fixed there on the spot. They need it to work, it’s crucial to their overall agricultural process. It’s the same in logistics,” Jake says.
Vin Rowe recognise that if Zowell products are going to be sold in Australia then they also need to be serviced in Australia.
“Jake has been trained on the entire product range that we will distribute here in Australia. Having staff locally who can service and repair products is of the utmost importance to us,” Graham Rowe, Director, Vin Rowe says.
The Vin Rowe team pride themselves on their ability to offer a great service, something that they have been proud to do in the agricultural sector the past 50 years.
With Vin Rowe being the only Zowell distributor in Australia, it’s important that there is a full after-sales support for their customers, Jake says.
“I was trained by the lead engineer at Zowell in China and I learnt so much. I get so much support from the team in China. If I need some help I can message them and they get back to me within a few minutes. I have so much confidence in the support we are getting,” Jake says.
So far the feedback has been great for the Zowell products, and Jake is excited to present the range to more logistics businesses.
“The feedback we are receiving is great. Electric solutions are what people are after now and the Zowell range is a very competitive offering,” Jake says.
The Zowell range is fully electric and Vin Rowe offer a series of products that includes electric counterbalance forklift trucks, electric reach trucks, electric reach stacker, electric power pallet jack, electric lift stacker and electric tugger and are suitable for a variety of applications.

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