Improving efficiency and workplace safety through innovation

Introducing the next generation of PowerPal power-assist solutions from Dane Technologies, Inc. The PowerPal M2 & M2-HD Cart Movers are rugged, easy to operate power-assist vehicles which significantly increase producitivity, while reducing the risk of injury to employees. This powerful combination allows the proven and dependable M2 & M2-HD to conquer your material handling needs.
Reduce Injuries
Make the workplace safer with the M2 and M2-HD. With less stress on your staff’s bodies and more control of heavily loaded wheeled assets, the chances of injuries are reduced.
Increase Productivity
With multiple hitches available to connect to a variety of assets you can be rest assured the M2 and M2-HD can make light work of any load size. Giving your staff more time to complete more jobs and boost morale.
Easy Movement
Attaching the unit to your wheeled asset is quick and easy. Let the motor do the work for you with load capacities between 450kg and 680kg depending on the model.

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