Dexion partners with Infinium Robotics to distribute drones

Dexion has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Infinium Robotics to distribute Infinium’s autonomous stocktaking drones in Asia Pacific.
The Dexion Infinium Scan robot is a fully autonomous drone that aids in inventory management for full pallets and reconciles differences with warehouse management systems automatically. The drone can scan up to 16,000 full pallets a day and can operate for four hours, the longest operational time in the industry.
The agreement is for exclusive distribution in Australia and New Zealand with non-exclusivity in the rest of Asia.
“In today’s warehouses the segregation of staff and equipment is essential to reduce risk. Having an autonomous drone take over the function of the manual stock taker is achieving a total segregation between material handling equipment and staff,” Dexion’s Head of Systems Martin Kramer says.
“Stocktaking is an extremely labour intensive and costly process, especially when warehouses need to be shut down for periods of time. With the Dexion Infinium drone all that is eliminated and the drone can autonomously count the inventory without requiring the warehouses to shut down and have staff do cycle counts.”
Infinium Robotics CEO Junlang Woon added, “The partnership with an industry stalwart like Dexion, which has been in business more than 80 years, is a win-win collaboration. Dexion can help Infinium Robotics maximise our customer sales reach and serve customers throughout Asia-Pacific.”
The Dexion Infinium drones are the latest innovation in Dexion’s pipeline of new products to be released over the next six to 12 months.

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