New smart factory for robot manufacturer Geek+

Geek+ has launched the world’s first smart factory using robot arms to make mobile robots.

Based in Nanjing in China, the factory uses Geek+’ robots, AI algorithms and other automated solutions to manufacture new Geek+ robots. 100% of the Company’s robots are produced by the factory, a testament to performance and strength of the solution.

With an increasing demand for customisation and limited release products, product cycles are getting shorter and shorter, making flexible production an essential aspect of the manufacturing industry. Autonomous mobile robots in the factories are the best way to achieve flexible production and can also help companies realise a smart and agile supply chain.

With this objective, Geek+ introduces the Geek+ Smart Factory Solution, using its smart factory as a blueprint for flexible production and intelligent manufacturing. Geek+ can adapt and implement the technology to manufacturing facilities worldwide, and easily customise the solution to meet various production and industrial scenarios.

“Smart factories will be a turning point for the entire industry as they provide a truly proven alternative to traditional, fixed production and achieve flexible production. What better way to show to the world the value of our solutions than to apply it to our own production? Our Nanjing factory is a window into the future of intelligent logistics and manufacturing,” Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+ said.


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