How Hello Fresh keeps its warehouse moving

As a fast-growing business with a focus on materials handling efficiency, Hello Fresh needs to be able to rely on its forklifts. Its fleet of rental trucks from Jungheinrich Australia fit this bill perfectly. Combining cutting-edge technology with industry leading service, they allow Hello Fresh to get on with the job of revolutionising the food industry.

Established in Germany 2011 and now delivering over 21 million meals annually, Hello Fresh is changing the way the world buys and prepares food. Now with a presence in 11 countries including Australia, the company is on a mission to take the hassle out of making healthy, fresh tasty meals at home.

With distribution centres in Perth and Sydney, its local arm is on a rapid growth trajectory. To cater for its ever-increasing customer base, it is preparing to expand its facility at Pemulwuy in Western Sydney, which even now handles around a million items at any given time. As a food delivery business, the efficiency of its logistics and materials handing operations will continue to play key roles in its future success.

The Flexibility to Grow

According to Justin Foster, Hello Fresh’s Inventory Manager, rather than purchasing its own fleet of forklifts and reach trucks, Hello Fresh chose to rent its equipment through Jungheinrich Australia.

Currently its fleet includes an AM 22 hand pallet truck, an EJE 116n electric pallet truck, an ERE 120n ride-on pallet truck, an EFG 216kn electric counterbalance truck, an ETV 114n electric reach truck, and an ETR 335d double-deep reach truck.

“In 2017, when we started working with Jungheinrich Australia, our site here in Sydney had just been built and our operations were significantly different to what we see today. For one thing, we were doing only 20 per cent of the work we currently handle,” said Justin.

“But on top of that, the way we use our equipment has evolved. For example, while we started with the intention of only using counterbalances outside and higher reachers inside, we now do the opposite. Over time, we found that this suited us better.”

According to Justin, the very fact Hello Fresh rents all its equipment has made these types of changes possible.

“It has meant we have never been tied down. Our operations are agile, and we can increase the size of our fleet as the need arises. Regardless of whether it’s for short or longer-term leases, Jungheinrich Australia can generally supply us a vehicle within two weeks,” he said.

Jungheinrich Service and Parts Capability

Singling out Martin Strogilakis, one of Jungheinrich Australia’s, Key Account Managers for special mention, Justin praised the quality of service he has received from the company.

“Before establishing the relationship, we were looking for a supplier that believed in Hello Fresh and didn’t see us as a small client; somebody who was willing and prepared to grow with us and treat us as a major account. That’s why we chose Jungheinrich. And that’s what they have delivered us,” he said.

“If we have a problem, I’ll send an email to Martin knowing that I’ll have a reply within an hour. Then generally on the same day, or at the latest the next day, I’ll have a tech on site doing everything possible to keep our operations moving.”

With its Service and Parts operations centralised at its National Distribution Centre in Sydney, Jungheinrich Australia can ensure parts delivery is as fast as possible. And, in cases where the part needed is not available locally, they are able to call on their international parts network.

“Their communication and responsiveness have been key features of our relationship. To me, this type of service goes to show that Jungheinrich values Hello Fresh as a client. As I mentioned, that is exactly what we were looking for when we first considered working with them,” said Justin.

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