Amazon e-commerce specialist agency launches in Australia

E-commerce marketplace marketing specialist agency, Podean, has announced the launch of its Australian office under the leadership of Ashley Wales-Brown as Managing Director.

While the global Amazon website has been accessible to Australians for many years, the ecommerce giant has only recently focused on the Australian retail and advertising offering.

According to the company, this focus represents a great opportunity for Australian brands, but equally some challenges.

“To succeed with Amazon it’s not just about adding images and copy to a product page, and running a search campaign. You need a partner that can help you with all the retail readiness, holistic strategy, and using unique tools – and that’s what Podean brings to Australia. Having our HQ sitting alongside Amazon’s advertising center in New York gives our Australian clients an advantage no other agency can claim,” Mark Power, founder of Podean said.

Podean is focused squarely on “Delivering clients sales success through leveraging every available opportunity with Amazon – and not just focusing on search and display.”

Podean’s first Australian employee, Ashley Wales-Brown, was chosen after an extensive search of both Australian and global talent.


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