Australasian Supply Chain Institute partners with Supply Chain Sustainability School

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) has announced a partnership with Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) to strengthen its position as the accreditation body for the supply chain industry.

ASCI is working to strengthen its relevance amidst a world where there is a growing spotlight and customer expectation for sustainability and ethical trading.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School was launched in Australia in March 2015 to increase sustainability knowledge and competency along the construction and infrastructure supply chains. The School provides free e-learning, information and training for construction and infrastructure suppliers, contractors and service providers. It has now expanded its offerings to the ASCI Supply Chain Community.

The Modern Slavery Act, which came into play in January 2019, has been a catalyst for continuous professional development for the wider supply chain community (as practitioners prepare data for reporting) and digitisation has been a catalyst for increasing transparency (as practitioners apply greater scrutiny on supplier relationships and practices).

Under this partnership, ASCI will seek to take part in specific project working groups and committees; provide ASCI members with access to sustainability e-learning modules; and explore new content to feed into ASCI’s Continuous Professional Development Program that supports the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme.

“Our purpose at ASCI is to professionalise supply chain management by delivering a framework for industry-wide standards and consistency. ASCI is committed to guiding the behaviour of practitioners in supply chain; enhancing the status of the supply chain occupation; and enabling compliance with regulatory or legal requirements. The partnership with SCSS strengthens our commitment. We’re proud to partner with such a passionate crew of experts,” Ivan Imparato, CEO at ASCI said.

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