Stainless steel compact ejectors handle stringent requirements

SMC has built a name for itself as an innovative vacuum technology company over the years. Positioning the brand as ‘one supplier’ for all your automation needs, SMC keeps its finger on the pulse to meet the requirements of customers around the globe.

According to Guiomar Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager from SMC Corporation, vacuum technologies are required across an array of industries for a variety of applications. “Innovating with effective product handling, increasing production throughput and cost savings in mind is key”.

Vacuum for stringent environments

Handling product in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical environments comes with its own set of unique challenges. “Rigid health and safety standards require care at every stage of production” Guiomar Fernandez.

As part of the company’s energy saving drive, SMC developed a stainless-steel vacuum ejector, suitable for environments with rigorous requirements when it comes to washdown and temperature while reducing energy consumption. “The T design allows exhaust to be piped away make it the ideal solution  for workpieces with droplets or splashes of water, mixing and blending inert gases and clean room environments.”

“The ZH-X267 is single stage ejector with no moving parts offering grease-free and corrosion resistant materials. This ensures a long service life even under operating temperatures of up to 260℃” says Guiomar.

Other features include the direct mounting and quick and easy connections, with 1/8” threads. It’s also available in various nozzle diameters from Ø0.5 to Ø1.0 mm. Two vacuum levels to allows for the design of a flexible and efficient vacuum system.

Energy saving for everyone!

“Our vacuum ejectors are known for their energy saving benefits. This new unique compact and robust single-stage ejector creates high suction flows of up to 34LPM whilst remaining air efficient. It saves on maintenance and replacement cost as the ZH-X267 Series will allow for some level of particles to pass through the ejector without clogging, minimizing maintenance or downtime!” concludes Guiomar.

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