Australia Post CEO offers advice for delivery partners to stay safe during bushfires

Christine Holgate, CEO of Australia Post has released a statement offering advice and support to Australia Post workers and delivery contract partners.

“Your safety is our absolute priority as we continue to face significantly heightened bushfire conditions across the country. These fires have displaced countless Australians and impacted our people and our network.

“The impact of these events is both immediate and long lasting as we will work to support our communities in their recovery. Our thoughts are with all our people, including our Licensed Post Office and delivery contractor partners, who have been affected and we are working to support them during this difficult time.

“We are so proud of all our people across the country, particularly those who are volunteering and we will assist them with additional leave,” she said.

How you can keep yourself safe 

“Your local management team is here to support you, and we ask that you keep an open channel of communication so we can reach you and check you are safe as conditions develop.

“If you are in an impacted area and need to be available to protect your loved ones, pets, livestock or property, contact your leader so that we know your whereabouts and that you are safe.

“To protect yourself in smoky conditions, if you have heart and lung conditions or asthma please ensure you take your reliever medication and follow your asthma action plan.

Remember, you always have permission to pause – we support you to stop and assess the conditions and the impact they may have on you,” she concluded.

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