SSI SCHAEFER Group awards experienced manager as new CEO

The Advisory Board of the SSI Schaefer Group has appointed a new CEO.

Steffen Bersch will commence in his new CEO position on 1st March this year.

The positions of the Group’s Management Board have now been effectively filled.

Current CEO of the group, Dr. Helmut Limberg will accompany Steffen for a short transition period until the end of March.

Steffen has worked for the GEA Group AG for the past 20 years and occupied various management positions.

He has been a member of the Executive Board of the GEA Group since 2016 and recently appointed as the leader in charge of the divisions Liquid & Powder Technologies, Food & Healthcare Technologies, Refrigeration Technologies and Global Technology.

Steffen was Managing Director of GEA Middle East in Dubai and managed a business unit for separators. Up until this year, he was responsible for the business unit Equipment as a member of the Executive Board of the GEA Group AG.

Dr. Kay Mayland head of SSI Schaefer advisory board said Steffen contributes great experience in strategic development of globally acting groups of companies.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Steffen Bersch, a very successful and internationally experienced manager, as CEO of the SSI Schaefer Group,” Kay said.

The group said in a statement that the shareholders and the Advisory Board are convinced that the new CEO will sustainably complement the corporate management of the SSI Schaefer Group.

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