Getting onboard with real-time data

A long-established local player in the Warehouse Management System space, TallShips Solutions reveals how its solutions are designed to work for the big players as well as SMEs.

Highly accurate, real-time information is critical in logistics and supply chain. According to Doug Stracey, Managing Director of TallShips Solutions, logistics operations can only cope in today’s “just in time, deliver on demand economy” by having access to real-time information.

“This level of data allows for rapid and effective decision making as well as the use of resources with maximum efficiency and flexibility needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced economy”, Doug says.

Many organisations look to the larger enterprise resource planning vendors, but according to Doug, these solutions are not always effective for SMEs.

“We offer truly scalable and dynamic solutions for today’s lean business environments. We work with customers as small as a two-man band, but also cater for some major retail players”, he says.

TallShips Solutions was established in Sydney in 1996 and its first customer was a major leader in the retail space in New Zealand. “While we offer a scalable solution, which is often attractive to SMEs, our first customer was The Warehouse Group in New Zealand, and they remain a customer to this day”, Doug says.

With more than 20 years of experience in software development and warehouse management systems, TallShips offers a solution that has been improving and adapting to customer demands over the last two decades. “We adapt as our customers do”, he says.

The software can work with a number of different innovations, including RFID, automated storage and retrieval systems and bomb bay sorters. “We know that we operate in a highly automated industry and we work with our customers to ensure that their software allows them to adapt and improve”, Doug says.

TallShips has successfully implemented and currently supports a wide range of warehouse management systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. “Our experience covers a variety of industry verticals including FMCG, petrochemical, furniture retailing, fashion, printing and third-party logistics providers,” Doug says.

From a small company who specialise in raw dog food in Australia, to a large-scale mining operation in Mongolia, Doug says every customer benefits from access to real-time information.

“Our Mongolian customers can look at a truck on a highway and can find out the asset value of that truck remotely. A spreadsheet cannot give that level of information”, Doug says.

The team at TallShips Solutions has extensive experience in software development and also warehouse management systems. “We’ve been in this space for a long time and we are committed to adapting to our customer’s requirements as they change”, Doug says.

He uses the example of The Warehouse Group in that the software they are running TallShips stopped selling a few years ago, but they continue to support the organisation with any issues or updates needed. “We have some great specialisation in house so we can provide support to all of our customers regardless of when they introduced the software”, he says.

Support and customer service is key to TallShips’ success, according to Doug the organisation has a number of long-term customers who have been using the platform for many years.

“We are with our customers from day one until they go live, and then we go back again within a month to see how they are using the system and to recognise ways in which we can improve or educate. We see it as an ongoing relationship. It’s not a quick sale for us, it’s a long-term partnership”, Doug says.

An added benefit, Doug says, is that the team is based locally. “We are a local solutions provider, we understand the Australian and New Zealand markets and we can offer support when needed.”

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