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MHD catches up with David Sultana, Director of Marketing for Asia Pacific at Crown Equipment to find out more about the recently launched ESR 1000 Series reach truck line.

The ESR 1000 series has been developed in Crown’s European headquarters in Germany. The trucks were first released to the European Market in November 2019 and following pre-launch trials with key logistics and warehousing customers in Germany they will now be available in Australia.

The new models are the first to use Crown’s new Gena operating system. “The Gena operating system was designed as a step up from our Access 123 operating system, capable of controlling the critical functions of the truck as that system did successfully, but with more functionality and a stronger emphasis on human interaction with the lift truck,” David Sultana, Director of Marketing for Asia Pacific at Crown Equipment says.

Gena provides the ESR 1000 Series with advanced productivity, safety, personalisation and management features to bring operators a new and engaging experience. “It was conceived from the beginning to be intuitive, customisable and interactive and it delivers all vital data and information clearly and concisely with a 7-inch colour touchscreen in one of 25 selectable languages,” David says.

Operators can also choose from a selection of widgets displaying key forklift functions csuch as operating time, steering angle, speed and battery charge. In addition, the Gena system integrates with Crown’s InfoLink fleet management system to provide reliable management data and a broad range of interactive graphical checklists, together with safety instructions.

Having already launched in Europe, the feedback for this series has been very positive with one customer saying that the ESR 1000 Series is a reach truck that its operators have come to appreciate for its many innovative features, including Auto Height Select, Capacity Data Monitor and the brand new, intuitive Gena operator experience. ‘In our tests, this new generation of reach trucks has clearly shown what it can do,” Jan-Peter Wingert, Site Manager at Voigt Logistik in Germany says.

The ESR 1000 models are available in an array of different reach heights and capacities, making them suitable for businesses using one or more reach trucks with lower demands on lift capacity and lift height, through to bigger fleets working in large-scale 24-hour warehouse operations with high demands on equipment.

The ESR 1000 reach truck series offers new, optional intelligently-connected features that enable operators to work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity.

“The Xpress Lower function allows faster working at height. This exclusive technology doubles the mast lowering speed to 1.1 m/s, enabling up to 21 per cent more overall productivity,” David says.

In addition, the ESR 1000 boasts a number of safety and sustainability features included in its design. “We maintain our ongoing commitment to sustainability thanks to our ecologic philosophy, which applies to all products that we manufacture. Through every step of our product development, we consider the impact of our designs on people, our processes and the environment,” David says.

The design engineers at Crown are always looking at new ways to design lift trucks with fewer components that have more end-of-life options while reducing energy consumption and improving safety, David says.

“Products designed for a long-life benefit our customers and the environment by offering increased uptime, reduced need for repairs and replacement parts, less waste and lower emissions,” he says.

For power savings, Crown offer the optional Regen Lower System on all capabilities of the ESR 1000. “When lowering, the weight of the fork carriage and load forces hydraulic oil back through the pump, driving the motor in reverse and generating power that is directed back to the battery. This can help to reduce electricity usage, costs and battery changes,” David explains.

Crown’s additional focus on ergonomics continues with an adjustable seat, controls, armrest and display while an offset clear-view mast provides a better view of the load wheels, forks and pallets.

“Along with all of its innovative features, ESR 1000 is built with the quality, durability and reliability that Crown is famous for,” David says.


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