A transformed approach to business

Martin Broglia, Managing Director for Bonfiglioli ANZ believes that consistency is key and that finding the right supplier will make all the difference. Here he reveals why.

“I started with the company in July last year and since then, we’ve spent most of our time refining our processes for improved customer satisfaction and service delivery,” Martin says.

It’s all about the customer

Martin says that as a customer centric organisation, there is always room for improvement. “We’re taking stock and upping the ‘ante’. The company has a history spanning more than 60 years and 80 countries. It’s underpinned by its values and is committed to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Bonfiglioli has also been widely known for their strong industry solutions and their number one position in the planetary and worm gear market.
“We do however believe there is still room for improvement in terms of customer service,” Martin says.

According to Martin, one can never be complacent and every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to do better.

As with any established organisation, Martin recognises where things could be improved and he and his team are working on addressing these areas. “While this is an ongoing process, we have put measures in place to focus on delivery in every aspect of our business right now.”

The Bonfiglioli difference

“We’ve created a name for ourselves in terms of design and quality but beyond this, working with Bonfiglioli should be an experience which makes the customer want to work with us again. An experience which builds trust and forms the basis of an ongoing business relationship,” Martin says.
He says the company’s customer journey is now an experience. “We have invested in top industry talent, in addition we have reworked our factory layout for improved workflows and enhanced service delivery.”

Amid COVID-19, Martin notes that the company offers a large local stock holding and is adequately equipped to meet its customers’ needs during this difficult period.

“Bonfiglioli carries a large local stock holding and offers in-house service and technical staff to assist with field service and commissioning. Our engineering team is available to help with more technical applications,” he says.

“We are hungry for success and are committed to our clients. We want to continue building relationships – the type that is built for the long haul.  Just because a business has been around for 60 years doesn’t mean they keep doing things the same way. My team and I are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.”

Servicing the industry

Martin notes that its wide range of planetary gearboxes remains a firm industry favourite. “Our precision planetary gearboxes are optimised for AGV applications. They can handle high load capacity and are designed to transport, stack, store and retrieve heavy loads on a continuous basis.
“They’re energy efficient, compact, can be customised and are compatible with a wide range of motor types.”

Furthermore, Martin offers a wide product range for the logistics industry with the ability to handle anything from a small to a large product. Years of experience in this industry both locally and globally ensures they can offer customers best in class solutions for their materials handling and logistics applications.

You’re in good hands
To conclude, Martin assures the industry of its continued commitment and its renewed approach to business. “Our people are passionate, and we are here to deliver. You’re in good hands.”

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