Cohesio Group enters partnership with Locus Robotics in APAC

Cohesio Group, a part of international technology group Körber, has announced an exclusive partnership with Locus Robotics, that will allow the Group to deploy Locus Robotics’ AMR solutions for the first time in Asia Pacific.

This partnership with Cohesio Group will also be the robotics provider’s first entry into the Asia Pacific market.

Over the past couple of years, Cohesio Group has proven the case for AMR by deploying several projects for some of the region’s largest retailers and logistics providers including Wesfarmers, CEVA Logistics, Bollore Logistics to name a few, as well as a world-first deployment in a cold storage environment.

Partnering with Cohesio Group gives Locus Robotics the opportunity to work with one of Asia Pacific region’s largest and most trusted solutions providers.

Based in Massachusetts in the US, Locus Robotics designs and builds autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that work collaboratively with workers in fast-paced logistics and fulfilment facilities.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics said the company knows that e-commerce is booming in APAC and it has proven its AMRs help solve issues around productivity, efficiency and scalability.

“Our partnership with Cohesio Group will enable us to offer our solutions to a wider range of customers and in doing so help these providers meet the growth in demand and expectations,” he said.

Rick said ideal for e-commerce, wholesale and store replenishment, discrete picking, batch picking, omnichannel and more, Locus Robotics solutions are beneficial to a wide range of industries and customers in this market.

Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of Cohesio Group said the group have been exploring ways that it can broaden its portfolio and service offering in the robotics and AMR space.

“We know that many retailers and logistics providers are experiencing a surge in e-commerce demand and therefore having to re-think their operations. With this new partnership, we can add value to our clients and offer further AMR and technology solutions that can help them to meet this increase in demand,” he said.

Currently the Asia Pacific market leads the way when it comes to e-commerce growth. Research provider eMarketer forecasts that the region is experiencing a 25 per cent year-on-year growth, representing 64.3 per cent of global e-commerce spending. With increased pressure placed on retailers and logistics provider to meet this rising demand, AMR has proven to offer efficiency and productivity gains that allow retailers to deliver in this challenging market.

“Alongside our enterprise-grade solutions of voice picking technology, Android Voice and AMR solutions, this new product offering will allow us to work with our customers to create even greater efficiencies as demand and pressure on logistics and retail continues,” Nishan said.

Ravi Nath, Head of Automation at Cohesio Group said the Locus Robotics solution significantly reduces travel time for operators in the distribution centre by bringing the goods to the operator.

He said the solution can also batch multiple orders and increase the location hit rate, offering further efficiencies and can be implemented into a facility in a matter of days and the infrastructure does not need to change at all due to Cohesio’s connector software enabling a seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure.

“The solution is scalable, and the management of the solution is simple. It is also very easy to implement the Locus Robotics solution with Warehouse Management Systems or existing DC operational systems,” Ravi said.

Locus Robotics solutions have proven to deliver a 200 to 300 per cent productivity boost for many of the world’s largest retailers and logistics providers. In March this year, Locus Robotics announced a partnership with DHL Supply Chain that will see the global shipping giant deploy 1,000 Locus Robotics AMRs to 12 sites across North America.

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