Is it time to say goodbye to paper?

MHD finds out about the opportunities for improving efficiencies, accuracies and productivity by digitising workflows with Objectif Lune’s latest solutions. 

Stuart Drysdale, Managing Director and President of Objectif Lune APAC founded the Asia Pacific arm of the business in 2005.

Within this region, Objectif Lune operates from a number of different offices across Asia Pacific including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

MHD recently sat down with Stuart to find out more about the solution and how it can help improve accuracy, efficiency and save costs across the logistics sector.

With logistics and warehousing operators continuously on the hunt for new ways to improve operational efficiency, digitisation is an increasing trend across the supply chain landscape.

Stuart says Objectif Lune has experienced strong organic growth in the APAC region. In 2011 the organisation acquired PrintSoft from Australia Post, which according to Stuart has accelerated its growth in Australia.

The Objectif Lune solution creates, manages, distributes and automates transactional documents.

“We can take any document that is transactional and convert it digitally. Invoicing statements, proof of delivery, warehouse manifests, pick and packing slips. We can convert all of them to improve workflow and efficiencies,” Stuart says.

Technology provider Objectif Lune was founded in 1995 in Canada and has developed a number of technology solutions that sit alongside various systems and extend their functionality to enable enterprise-wide automation of business processes.

“Our solution sits behind the scenes and takes the data, interrogates it and then distributes it in the most efficient way possible,” Stuart says.

Objectif Lune’s communication software bridges the gap between current ERP or WMS systems by automating business processes and recurring tasks.

“We can take a document, digitise it in a format that is easy to read and easy to manipulate and then establish workflow management for the data. Our software will interrogate the data and establish a conditional-based workflow to improve efficiencies,” Stuart says.

Stuart uses the example of an email address on an invoice. “When the data realises there is an email address, it will email them a copy of the invoice rather than print it off. It can also recognise if a company has an approved credit rating within your business, and if it does, it will automatically approve any order for delivery,” Stuart says.

The intelligent software will check the data line by line and once the workflows are established, it runs itself, Stuart says.

“Within one document you may have a number of different pieces of information, there might be picking and packing details, an invoice and a receipt. Our software can be set up to print some of the details and store others digitally,” Stuart says.

If picking and packing staff in a warehouse can be sent information digitally rather than printed, there are significant efficiencies to be realised.

“If you think about the operational costs of manually printing something, walking over to the printer, making sure it is filed in the right place, all of that kind of wasted time is eliminated when you digitise the data,” Stuart says.

Objectif Lune works with some major players in the Asia Pacific logistics market including Nippon Express and UPS Parcel Delivery Services as well as DHL, Toll, FedEx and Kuehne & Nagel.

Recent innovations at Objectif Lune have seen the organisation put its technology onto glass, enabling devices like iPhone, Android and Windows to operate the software seamlessly.

“People need to be mobile and agile. By enabling our software to work on glass, they can access it on the move. We’ve found everybody has a mobile device, so companies don’t need to go and buy expensive dedicated units. It’s an app that can be turned on and off,” Stuart says.

Additionally, Objectif Lune has introduced an option for the solution to be hosted on the cloud, which offers organisations the opportunity to trial the software before integrating it within current systems. To help organisations in the current climate to improve their efficiencies, and reduce costs, Objectif Lune are providing an extended trial of their mobile forms solution. For more information on the mobile forms solution, visit: https://www.olformsonthego.com.

For more information on Objectif Lune, visit: https://www.objectiflune.com/.

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