C.H. Robinson launches its newest technology

C.H. Robinson Oceania has launched its newest technology, the Container Prioritisation Tool. It was initially designed for international importing and has now been extended to assist coastal shipping customers.

This technology, designed by supply chain experts for supply chain experts enables the identification of current inefficiencies allowing businesses to focus on streamlining their supply chain and reducing costs.

Andrew Coldrey, C.H. Robinson Vice-President Oceania, wants customers to consider coastal when planning their supply chain for the rest of 2020.

“With the impacts of COVID-19 being felt across transport modes, coastal has had a consistent capacity and has proven more cost effective compared to both road and rail,” he said.

“We wanted to invest in the technology offering for our coastal customers as we saw our import customers reap the benefits and felt it could be greatly beneficial to our domestic clients,

“The extension of our Container Prioritisation Tool makes it easier for customers to monitor, understand and manage their supply chain. Coastal is a great strategic option for customers, acting as a floating warehouse when it is worked into the supply chain in advance.” said Andrew.

The main application of this tool is to serve the growing coastal offering at C.H. Robinson, who have seen more than a 20 per cent increase for the quarter year-on-year of businesses using their Domestic Coastal Shipping Service.

The platform not only covers transit but also any warehousing of goods with a focus on how to optimise container delivery, a key need in the new COVID-19 world whereby delivery efficiency is even more crucial.

According to the company, this service provides customers a saving of up to 60 per cent over rail and road services which have been severely impacted during COVID-19, suffering delays due to border closures, damage to goods and a large reduction in capacity.

With recent cyber security attacks on tracking systems in the industry, C.H. Robinson is continuing to take precautions to ensure customers can always rely on their service, with a 24/7 global cyber security team, including two dedicated resources in Oceania whose role is to ensure their extensive security systems aren’t breached.

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