Amazon launches new Uber-like delivery service in the sunshine state

Amazon Australia has announced its new delivery service, Amazon Flex. Similar to Uber, people will have the opportunity to be their own boss, and earn extra money in their free time delivering Amazon packages to customers.

Amazon Flex will launch in Brisbane, in a bid to supplement its delivery capacity in the Sunshine State, ultimately speeding up deliveries for customers.

This announcement follows Amazon’s first Queensland fulfilment centre in Lytton, Brisbane, to open before Christmas.

Amazon Flex launched in Australia in January this year, and currently has more than one thousand delivery partners earning extra money by delivering packages to Amazon customers in Sydney and Melbourne.

Interested delivery partners in Brisbane that have their own car can sign-up, choose delivery blocks that fit their schedule and deliver packages, all using the Amazon Flex app.

They simply download the app (available for Apple or Android), sign up, complete the background verification process and they are then ready to accept delivery blocks.

Delivery blocks are around four hours, during which delivery partners collect packages from an Amazon Delivery Station in Brisbane and deliver them to customers. Amazon Flex delivery partners will know the estimated duration and minimum payment for each block in advance – providing transparency around their earnings – and will receive payments weekly by direct deposit.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer hundreds of flexible earning opportunities to people in Brisbane at a time when they are more needed than ever. Our delivery partners tell us they enjoy the flexibility they have to schedule delivery blocks around their existing commitments – whether it’s their primary job, or caring for their children. With greater control of when they work, Amazon Flex delivery partners are able to juggle this new normal with securing extra income,” said Craig Fuller, Director of Operations, Amazon Australia.

“Expanding our Amazon Flex network into Brisbane gives us the ability to respond to peaks in customer demand, while providing our Brisbane customers more ways to get goods delivered directly to their doorstep.”

Craig said that ultimately, Amazon Flex will result in faster delivery promises for its Brisbane customers.

This month it launched its innovative parcel pick up network Amazon Hub, offering customers more flexibility and control over deliveries with more than 75 parcel pick up point locations in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Townsville.

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