Fork-wear protection – wearing correct clothing for forklift operation

Most industries require workers to conform to some sort of basic uniform standards—forklift drivers are no exception.  Wearing the correct clothing can make your job as a forklift driver safer, more efficient and more productive.  It is also important to realize that wearing inappropriate clothing whilst operating a forklift could lead to injuries or even fatality. Read more

Heartbeat of a business

Logistics & Materials Handling speaks with David Taylor, Director at BusinessHub to find out why an ERP system is a crucial part of growth. Read more

Improving efficiency and workplace safety through innovation

Introducing the next generation of PowerPal power-assist solutions from Dane Technologies, Inc. The PowerPal M2 & M2-HD Cart Movers are rugged, easy to operate power-assist vehicles which significantly increase producitivity, while reducing the risk of injury to employees. This powerful combination allows the proven and dependable M2 & M2-HD to conquer your material handling needs. Read more

Gartner technology=efficiency

Technology => efficiency – from MHD magazine

Government regulations requiring greater compliance, the increasing need for visibility into the status of shipping loads, and an increasing responsibility for driver safety continue to drive demand for mobility technology in transport. It remains a top technology investment, according to a recent Gartner supply chain survey. Read more

Smart printing

Accurate labelling solutions are critical in ensuring goods are traceable and arrive safely at their required destination. Matthew Mooyman, Product Manager, insignia discusses the capabilities of enterprise device management software and how it can help. Read more

Local talent

Jake Peters, Technical Engineer at Vin Rowe recently spent some time in China to learn more about the electric forklift market. Logistics & Materials Handling finds out more. Read more

Faster fulfilment

As logistics continues to embrace robotics, solutions-provider Dematic has introduced a new robotic picking module to improve accuracy and productivity. Pas Tomasiello, Senior Director of Integrated Systems for Dematic Australia and New Zealand presents the solution. Read more

Making a mark

NORD Drivesystems Australia is experiencing a surge in uptake of its logistics solutions worldwide. Martin Broglia, Managing Director comments on the latest developments at the company.  Read more

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