Not your Grandfather’s shop floor: Modern manufacturing trends in the NetSuite Customer Base

Every January, a group of global movers and shakers—politicians, business executives, academics and celebrities—descend on the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Davos Klosters to be part of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) with the humble goal to make the “world a better place”, The agenda this year was “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The first three revolutions came with introductions of mechanisation, electricity and IT—today, Big Data, the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are allowing for another revolution.

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Collaborative Robots vs. Industrial Robots

Automation is changing at a rapid pace. New robotic capabilities continue to blur the lines between collaborative and industrial robots, but it is certainly an exciting time to integrate robotics into your automation processes.

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RK95 Series

Industrial Mobile Computer

CipherLab’s RK95 is a powerful handheld terminal that steps up the data collection game in the warehouse environments.

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Autopilot Stacker

The SAE ‘Autopilot’ is the definitive machine when transitioning from manual operations to automated movements, it is ideal vehicle for simple Autonomous solutions.

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Crown TSP Series

Crown offers an extensive range of electric and internal combustion lift trucks including counterbalance models, power pallet trucks, stockpickers and very-narrow aisle lift trucks.

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CipherLab’s RS31 series provides users instant success with its smartphone-like user-friendliness.

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CipherLab’s RK25 series blends the functionality of touch computers with handheld terminals.

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Cubiscan 325

The Cubiscan 325 will supercharge your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with accurate SKU dimensional data.

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