P90+ Pallet Racking – Manufactured in Australia and Europe

To ensure a consistent and strong supply of our product range, Safer Storage Systems manufactures products right here in Australia, as well as sourcing from two Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH) factories in Europe – leaving you with peace of mind that when it comes to P90+ Pallet Racking, we’ll have you covered, all year round.

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MOVIMOT® Flexible – Field Distributed Inverter

SEW’s Movi-C® MOVIMOT® Flexible inverter range is a smart way of bridging between the process intensive and complex high level control world, and the field device and actuator level driving force creating and handling motion and throughput.

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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ innovative new Bluetooth stick delivers direct benefits

An innovative new product is coming to Australia, courtesy of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Engineering with the future in mind, the NORDAC ACCESS BT answers the call for enhanced IIoT technologies.

According to Project Engineer, Delfio Barbarino this product has received praise around the world, and he believes that locally, the reception will be much the same. “The NORDAC ACCESS BT is a Bluetooth stick used for mobile commissioning and service solutions, applicable to all NORD drives. It offers convenient mobile access to drive data as well as full access control for improved communications and safety”.

The NORDAC ACCESS BT can be used to save the parameter data without using the app or a PC. “Using the BT-stick, users can transfer parameters from one frequency inverter to another. Parameter transfer between a drive and a PC is also possible” Delfio explains.

The NORDAC ACCESS BT speeds up commissioning, simplifies maintenance and enables faults to be remedied faster. This ensures that down times and costs are reduced.

NORDAC ACCESS BT Benefits in a Nutshell:

  • Dashboard-based visualization for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis;
  • Parameterization with help function and parameter quick access;
  • Oscilloscope function for drive analysis individually configurable;
  • Backup and recovery function for easy handling of drive parameters.

“We look forward to the official launch of this ground-breaking product in the coming months and to rolling it out in our region” Delfio concludes.

That’s efficiency gains.

When it comes to forklifts, fewer battery changes don’t just mean less down-time. They also mean lower labour costs and less need for storage space. Read more

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