Mitsubishi’s 3-wheeled star

Mitsubishi’s series of 3-wheel electric forklift trucks are ideal for the logistics and warehousing industry, providing clean and robust power with nearly maintenance free operation.

With its ultra-compact design and incredible manoeuvrability, the FB13-20TCB series is unbeatable in confined working areas such as narrow warehouse aisles and containers. Equipped with a 48 volt battery, efficient AC Power traction and hydraulic motors and regenerative systems, it’s the logical choice for all daily operations.


All FB-TCB series forklift trucks are installed with the innovative AC Power control system. It provides for more powerful and more advanced capabilities by integrating travel, hydraulic  and electric power steering functions into one cohesive system.

While these trucks are perfect for indoor applications where noise, pollutants or particulate contamination is undesirable, they also now come with a higher IPX4 rating, which means the  forklift and its systems are protected against water spray from all directions and angles, making them safe to operate in rain.


A forklift’s most important component is its operator. The FB- TCB series is particularly effective in creating the best working conditions for its operators. Electric power steering, great  visibility, ergonomic controls, comfortable seat and impressive leg room are just some of the ways this is achieved.  The moment you slide into the seat, everything feels right.

The FB-TCB range also comes with an array of safety improvements. An essential feature is its integrated speed control on slopes. On an upslope, if the accelerator or brake pedal is  released, the truck will only roll backward at a speed of less than 1 km/h, providing peace of mind for the operator.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi’s electric 3-wheeler comes with a standard digital load indicator. Operators can quickly tell the weight of the load to prevent overloading and enjoy a safe working  experience. When overloaded, the truck will warn the operator through the display and by a warning buzzer.

Every feature is designed to help you focus on putting the truck, and the load, safely in precisely the right place.

For more information on this product contact MLA Holdings on 131 652 or


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Real Time Distribution System (RDS)

The concept is based on a pick to tote zone routing picking methodology. RDS will interface with most organisations’ WMS with no requirement for additional middleware to achieve this.

The conveyor system can handle totes or conveyable product up to a size of length 600mm, width 400mm and height of 400mm. Maximum weight per tote is 25kg.

The zone routing conveyor will have the ability to handle approx. 10-12 totes / minute or up to 720 totes / hour.


Equipment Suppliers to the System:

  • Mechanical Systems – Dexion
  • Electro Motors – SEW-Euro drive
  • Pneumatics – Festo / SMC
  • Scanners – Accu-Sort
  • Programmable Logic Controllers – Allen Bradley / Omron
  • Lanyard Switches – Schmersal
  • Terminals – Wago
  • Push Buttons – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Rotary Control Switches – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Contactors – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Overload Relays – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Timers – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Power Supply – Mean Well Power Supplies
  • Sensors – Erwin Sick
  • Proximity Switch – Balleuf Leuz / Erwin Sick / Omron
  • Limit Switch – Balleuf Leuz / Erwin Sick
  • Relays – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Sprecher Schuh)
  • Circuit Breakers (3 phase) – NHP Electrical Engineering Products
  • Circuit Breakers (single phase) – NHP Electrical Engineering Products
  • Motor Isolator – NHP Electrical Engineering Products (Katko)

Please contact Andrew Walker – Bunzl Group Facilities Manager for further information and sales queries and to arrange inspections at our Enfield NSW facility on 02-9737 2100 Monday – Friday 7am-4pm.




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New Mitsubishi Sit Down Reach Truck Range

MLA Holdings are pleased to announce a new Mitsubishi sit down reach truck range, setting new standards in performing to your warehouse needs.

RF-MIT Rear-R j

The RBF14-16-20CA series adds to an already extensive range of warehouse products from Mitsubishi. It comes in three models, each powered by a 48V traction battery. The 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 ton models all use AC motor technology for greater power efficiency and lift heights of up to 10 metres.

Three important features that guarantee Mitsubishi’s promise of quality and reliability are those of an exceptional control system, smooth operation and of course, safety.

Control System
A more optimized operator experience is ensured by the SICOS-AC control system that integrates the hydraulics, travelling, and steering functions. Also integrated is a self-diagnostic function that constantly monitors for malfunctions. Any faults discovered are communicated via diagnostic codes making it easy to identify the problem and rectify.

AC motor technology delivers a smooth, powerful drive and low maintenance costs. A regeneration function charges power back to the battery through plugging, coasting and braking to ensure longer operating hours from one charge.

Integral side shift is a standard feature, while steer by wire 360 degrees steering means there is no need for switch back, ensuring effortless steering every time.

Not only is this new series very reliable, Mitsubishi has gone above and beyond to ensure absolute safety.

The Operation Interlock System deactivates travelling when the operator is not seated. Furthermore a Neutral Safety Feature prevents sudden movement should the accelerator or hydraulics be accidently activated, while a sensitive lift speed control automatically slows lifting and steering when truck is above a certain speed. Direction control, horn, and emergency stop button are located ergonomically on the arm rest console.

MLA can help your company gain a competitive advantage. The RBF14-16-20CA models are a brand new series of Mitsubishi reach trucks that are designed to cater for all your warehouse needs.

For more information on this product contact MLA Holdings on 131 652 or

Optimise Field Worker Efficiency with Semi-rugged Tablet, PWS-770

PWS-770 Image

View the PWS-770 product page

View the PWS-770 on our eStore

Advantech, a leader in providing a wide range of certified computing systems and services, is happy to announce the release of PWS-770, a 10.4″ Semi-rugged Tablet PC. PWS-770 fills a growing need for field services and transportation, helping improve mobile worker efficiency by providing a robust, portable platform that is flexible, lightweight, and semi-rugged. The mobile system has a full complement of integrated I/O and modules to extend functionality even more, and it has a complete range of wireless connectivity options, ensuring maximum uptime for workers in the field.

PWS 770

High Flexibility for Field Services Workers

One of the most important and unique design features is flexibility; selectable data capture modules, abundant accessories, and rich I/O. Data capture has never been easier or more versatile with PWS-770’s modular support. Businesses can add individual modules to tailor the unit to their specific need. Modules include a camera, 1D/2D barcode reader, magnetic stripe reader, and RFID reader. Accessories include hand straps, shoulder straps, desk cradle, and vehicle docking cover for carrying, desktop and in-vehicle use. The flexibility in customizing PWS-770 increases efficiency in the field by allowing capture and transmission of data in real-time.

Long Operation and Low Weight Fulfills Compact & Light Duties
One of the most important and unique design features of the system is the battery, which is hot-swappable for long-lasting support allowing the system to operate for up to 8 hours at a time by hot swapping with a second battery. Another benefit is its lightweight design: PWS-770 weighs only 1.2 Kg and is only 18 mm thick, making it more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time.

Trusted and Reliable Mobile Partner
PWS-770 packs a lot of power in its design, with an Intel® Atom™ N2600 1.6 GHz processor, DDR3 memory and mSATA SSD storage. Not only that, but PWS-770 has an IP54 rating; the semi-rugged device can stand up to abuses common in the field without sustaining damage. It is dust and water resistant, drop-tested at 4-feet, vibration resistance compliant to MIL-STD-810G, and even has a sunlight readable display option for outdoor work.

One of the most important features in a mobile device is its reliable connectivity to networks. Wireless connectivity is extremely important and businesses cannot afford even a minute of downtime. PWS-770 has an integrated antenna with a full complement of connectivity options to meet every need, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and WWAN. With a myriad of wireless options, workers can get connected and stay connected anywhere and anytime.

Advantech strives to maintain excellence by constantly surpassing industry standards and continually developing new and better products and services. We think you’ll agree that the new PWS-770 Semi-rugged Tablet PC exceeds all expectations, offering field services and transportation markets a solution which is efficient, durable, and extremely reliable. For more information about Advantech products and services, please contact a sales representative via or visit us on the web at

Reduce Workplace Injury

Tired of moving material around with a hand pallet jack? Tired of not being able to work effectively in confined spaces? Mitsubishi has the solution!


The PBP16-20N2 series has been specifically developed for outstanding performance in challenging environments and to offer a comprehensive solution to safe horizontal movement of pallets.

Mitsubishi has once again incorporated the key features of reliability and operator usability into these power pallet movers. The range consists of 1.6 and 2 tonne machines that will cater for all business needs.

They are perfect for fast paced work environments. Changes in technology are always gaining pace, and to stay ahead, Mitsubishi continuously improves the designs and specifications of its products. The PBP16-20N2 is no different, packed with a host of advanced features.

It really is in a class of its own. Its maximum lifting height of 135mm cannot be matched by any other machine in the market. This allows for easy handling on steep ramps and loading docks, even with damaged pallets.

The range delivers where it really matters, reliability, usability and safety. A sealed chassis offers protection against dirt, dust and other particles to reduce wear, while an oil-filled sealed transmission ensures reliable and quiet operation. The trucks also have a high-efficiency electronic system that features waterproof components for maximum reliability.

As is the case with all Mitsubishi forklift trucks the PBP16-20N2 are extremely easy to use. The waterproofed features allow for outdoor use in all weather conditions, while the lifting and lowering levers and linked castor wheels ensure easy operation and excellent stability.

The most important of all features is safety. Acceleration, speed and braking characteristics are fully programmable to suit each individual driver’s needs. When the handle is pulled down all the way, signalling that the operator has tripped over, the truck automatically stops. Furthermore, the emergency button stops the machine immediately if and when mishaps occur. For tight turning in confined spaces the truck has a handle-up operation feature making it ideal for use in containers and the back of trucks.

The Mitsubishi PBP16-20N2 Power pallet series are a compact and robust machine, ideal for use in confined situations and harsh environments. These versatile trucks make light work of transporting pallets and are easier and safer to use than manual pallet jacks.

For more information on this product contact MLA Holdings on 131 652 or


Mobile information systems from Advantech-DLoG

Current requirements in the public transport sector are being determined by the need for information systems that are user-friendly and efficient in compliance with safety regulations. Visualization terminals and information stands with touch operation are becoming increasingly important as customer service tools and for easing the workload of staff.

The mobile hardware solutions from Advantech-DLoG are moving with the times and being used, among other things, as a central computer unit for supporting passenger information systems, safety systems, and ITCS (Intermodal Transport Control Systems).

Solutions for passenger transportation, safety monitoring, and accident prevention
The TREK series is available for all operating systems (Windows, Android, and Linux); data is transferred securely and reliably via WWAN (GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA), GPS, and WiFi/Bluetooth, even in tough environmental conditions. Various peripheral systems, such as cameras, ticketing systems, and vehicle data systems, can be integrated, so that both the driver and the backend can access these at any time.

The tablet PCs in the PWS series are functional communication terminals for all indoor and outdoor applications – GPS-supported (HSDPA, barcode reader, and RFID modules are optionally available), with a multitude of I/O interfaces and equipped with high-capacity Li-ion batteries and hot swap battery function. The UTCs for digital signage are all-in-one industrial-grade PCs – ultra-slim and in a robust aluminum housing, ideal for interactive visualization and intuitive and easy to use, thanks to the touchscreen. Digital signage systems complete Advantech-DLoG’s extensive range of fleet management products.

Passenger transportation/safety monitoring/accident prevention.

For more information, visit

About Advantech-DLoG:
DLoG GmbH – part of the Advantech Group since 2010 – was founded in 1985 and made a name for itself as a global player on the market for industrial PC and vehicle terminal solutions for extreme environments – on construction vehicles, forklifts, and trucks and in mining and industrial manufacturing. The new trade name Advantech-DLoG combines the expertise and leading market position of both companies, with the objective of making Advantech-DLoG a leading global supplier in selected vertical markets, such as warehousing, heavy duty management, and fleet management.

Advantech-DLoG stands for industry-leading innovations and premium “Made in Germany” quality. Advantech-DLoG’s quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 and guarantees the high quality of Advantech-DLoG products and processes to partners and customers. An extensive support, sales, and marketing network boasts more than 5,300 employees committed to providing fast time-to-market services for Advantech-DLoG customers worldwide.

About Advantech
Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Embedded Computing products and solutions that empower the development of smarter working and living. With Advantech, there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.

Mitsubishi Electric Forklifts:- Delivering what you need.

The Mitsubishi FB-CA series comes with a range of advanced features such as all AC motors providing seamless interaction between the operator and forklift. More powerful functional capabilities are achieved in truck travelling, hydraulic operations and steering.

FBCA1 (2)

All Mitsubishi Electric forklifts are now equipped with energy saving regenerative systems designed to conserve battery power and contribute to higher productivity

Some other Mitsubishi features include:

  • Multiple driving modes: AC power enables the power setting to be selected between eight driving modes, from energy saving “economy” mode to “power” mode, according to the requirements of the application.
  • Automatic power off: Power is automatically cut when the forklift truck is left idle for more than 15 minutes to conserve energy.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: AC Power allows the elimination of motor brushes and contractors, thereby, reducing the maintenance cost.
  • Strong Gradeability: Power delivery to the drive wheels is enhanced enabling the truck to climb slopes easier than conventional models.

FBCA1 (3)

Safety and comfort for the operator is maximised with features such as mast and travel interlock, comfortable operator’s compartment and an ergonomically designed operator’s seat. Four Wheel Electric Mitsubishi forklift trucks are also comparable to engine powered forklift trucks in performance.

These highly adaptable and efficient electric forklift trucks are the result of our company wide commitment to build forklifts that deliver performance with safety and Comfort. Indeed, delivering what you need is our obsession.

For more information on this product contact MLA Holdings on 131 652 or


Enfield Intermodal – Seeking Occupants


  • Adjoining NSW Ports’ new intermodal terminal with dedicated freight rail to Port Botany
  • Approved for 24/7 operations
  • Flexible warehousing and yard options available
  • Infrastructure completed – ready to pave and build on
  • Within established industrial area which includes Linfox, Allied Express, TNT and K&S Freighters
  • 9 Industrial lots available ranging from 0.8Ha* to 7.3Ha*

The Enfield Intermodal is location approximately 18km from Port Botany, can be accessed via main arterial roads including Hume Highway and Roberts Road. It is also close to the M5 and M4 motorways.

For further detail contact exclusive agents

Michael O’Neill
Director Industrial
CBRE Western Sydney
Level 5, 10-14 Smith Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 02 8836 7838
Mobile: 0431 500 939

Jason Edge
National Industrial Director
CBRE Western Sydney
Level 5, 10-14 Smith Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 02 8836 7865
Mobile: 0410 687 866



Mitsubishi GRENDiA – The Green Diamond Forklift

The name GRENDiA name means ‘Green Diamond’. Green symbolises our commitment to protecting the environment, while diamond signifies the high quality, reliability and sound investment that this family of trucks has to offer.


Billed as a truck you can trust absolutely, GRENDiA offers forklift users a choice of rigorously tested Diesel / Dual Fuel engines that promise non-stop productivity. Additionally, GRENDiA offer an optional electronically controlled gasoline engine, which has achieved remarkable environmental controls and complies with all 2007 Emission standards while still maintaining high performance and reliability levels.
As well as its environmental efficiency, the Mitsubishi GRENDiA also takes Workplace Safety seriously; therefore GRENDiA is designed and equipped with features like Integrated Presence System (IPS), Neutral Safety, High-Mounted Rear Combi Lamp, and Clear all-round visibility. All of which are within the basic price of the truck.


In terms of driver comfort, operators will particularly enjoy the fully floating powertrain with Mitsubishi Powershift transmission, which delivers impressive power and gradeability with minimum noise and vibration.
GRENDIA is an economical forklift and offers low overall running cost. For a start, these trucks are built to last. Everything from the frame, body and mast to the smallest bearing is designed to resist damage. Throughout the truck, Mitsubishi designers have looked for ways to avoid wear and lower the cost of maintaining systems. Using maintenance-free gears instead of belts in the powertrain is just one of many successful developments in that search.”

The Mitsubishi GRENDiA comes in a range of 1.0- 3.5 ton machines. Its new features in safety and its environmental benefits, makes it the forklift of tomorrow that’s available today. For more information on this product please contact MLA Holdings. 131 652

Advantech’s Trek 550, highly innovative and cost saving!


View the TREK-550 product page.

View the TREK-550 in the eStore.

Advantech, an international leader in IPC and eAutomation, is happy to announce the TREK-550 mobile data terminal. The Trek-550 has been a great success for Advantech winning a number awards over many years. In 2011, the TREK-550 received the Taiwan Excellence Award, a program setup in 1992 to encourage innovalue, a term which equates to high quality and high value-added features in innovative, leading-edge products. Prior to this, TREK-550 was a recipient of the Computex Taipei Best Choice Award which exemplifies Advantech’s leadership in manufacturing, innovation and excellence.


TREK-550 Connects Vehicle Applications and has a Rugged, Industrial Design

The TREK-550 Mobile Data Terminal is designed for in-Vehicle applications in bus, taxi, and trucking fleets. It is Intel® Atom™ processor-based, with an industrial-grade chassis which is built to survive harsh environments. It operates without hesitation in a wide range of temperatures (-30° C to 70° C) commonly found inside vehicle cabs subjected to varying weather elements. It has a full complement of I/O connectors allowing it to be interfaced to specialized vehicle systems.

Innovation Puts TREK-550 Ahead of the Competition

TREK-550 connects to J1939 standard interfaces providing instant diagnostic capability to all on-board vehicle devices. Geo-location applications, route planning and travel assistance are expertly managed with TREK-550’s assisted GPS (AGPS) and dead-reckoning systems. These features help vehicles stay the course in areas where line-of-sight satellite reception is blocked or impaired due to tunnels, terrain or signal bouncing, which saves drivers and fleet managers both time and money.

TREK-550: the Cornerstone for Intelligent Bus Standards

Recently, the first ever intelligent bus industry standard was published for manufacturers, and TREK-550’s advanced functionality served as the model. The standard was penned by members of the Taiwan Telematics Industry Alliance (TTIA), and sanctioned by the Taiwanese government in an attempt to form a standard for intelligent bus transportation systems in the Greater China market. The standard improves safety, adds scheduling and fare efficiencies for bus passengers, and provides onboard infotainment and information services. The Taiwan government Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has formulated its vision for the future of intelligent bus transport, and Advantech in collaboration with other industry players has reached a consensus, in part by studying the capabilities of TREK-550’s advanced in-vehicle operations.

For more information about the award-winning TREK-550 or for information about other fleet management solutions, please contact Advantech directly or visit our website:


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