China launches seventh offshore engineering exhibition

China Maritime (CM) is the seventh International Offshore Engineering Technology & Equipment Exhibition and will be held on March 20-22, 2017 at New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. It will be held concurrently with the 17th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
In recent years, the Chinese government is increasing support for maritime exhibitions especially after Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative. This was echoed by Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, who called on the construction of a maritime silk road linking China and the ASEAN countries to stimulate hinterland development.
Leveraging the global vision of Beijing, CM aims to promote global cooperation on maritime technologies and equipment and help enterprises generate social benefits and build itself into a high-end exhibition in the maritime industry. It has an exhibition area of 100,000m2, and will attract approximately 100,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors from around 65 countries and regions, among which 46 were Fortune 500 enterprises.
China is strengthening its efforts to develop the maritime industry. For the next five years, the global demand for maritime engineering equipment is estimated to be worth $60-75 billion, and China is going to invest RMB 250-300 billion or $36.9-44.2 billion in maritime engineering equipment manufacturing during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020).
The newbuilding order size experienced a sharp decline globally in the second half of 2016. Nevertheless, the Chinese market performed well with its newbuilding market share rising to 50.5 per cent from 47.9 per cent in 2013. Meanwhile, it signed orders for 31 sets of offshore engineering equipment and 149 offshore engineering vessels, worth a total of $14.76 billion and accounting for 35.2 per cent of the global market.

Hat-trick for drive specialist at award’s night

Drive specialist, Bonfiglioli, has managed a Bulk Handling Awards hat-trick, taking out the Gears, Motors and Drives category for the third year in a row.
This year, Bonfiglioli was recognised for its low backlash drives, which are sutiable for  demanding applications like bulk handling where there are often lots of stops and starts during operation.
The awards were held at Doltone House in Sydney on November 24th and recognised the most innovative, efficient and safe technologies in the bulk-handling industry.
“Drives are at the heart of all bulk handling operations, so Bonfiglioli is constantly striving to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of products vital to its customers,” said the company’s managing director Malcolm Lewis. “To win this category three years running is a special honour for us. It rewards the hard work and dedication of all the staff at Bonfiglioli.”

Logistics specialist expands with 22,000sqm warehouse lease

CEVA Logistics (Ceva) has further expanded its presence in West Park Industrial Estate in Truganina, Victoria by leasing two new premises from Frasers Property Australia’s.
The company entered into a three-year lease for two facilities with a total lettable area of 22,840 sqm. Warehouse A comprises 10,892 sqm including a 10,593 sqm warehouse and 301 sqm office. Warehouse B includes a 11,948 sqm building comprising 11,647 sqm warehouse and 301 sqm office.
Key features of both facilities include 120 car spaces, 10 metre warehouse, 35-metre wide awnings and eight recessed loading docks. Ceva will manage a contract for Toyota in these facilities and the leases will commence this month.
Earlier this year, Ceva secured another automotive contract with Nissan, Infiniti and Renault, pre-committing to lease another 23,035 sqm office and warehouse space on Efficient Drive in West Park Industrial Estate. This facility will be completed in the first quarter of 2017.
Combined with Ceva’s super site which was completed in July 2016, the company has committed to 136,073 sq m in West Park Industrial Estate.
Anthony Maugeri, General Manager Southern Region C&I for Frasers Property comments, “We are delighted with current inquiry levels in West Park Industrial Park and equally pleased that Ceva has committed in this estate for the third time in 18 months. Truganina is one of the fastest growing industrial precincts in Australia and continues to attract major Australian transport and logistics businesses.

LED Light Fittings – Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

With the extraordinary rise of LED technology in recent times, the lighting market has been flooded with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers all vying for a share of the action. One of these hotly contested market segments is industrial and warehouse lighting, specifically, high bay fixtures.
Dozens of low-cost, high-bay light fittings have arrived on the market, remarkably similar in appearance to specification-grade luminaires, yet poor imitations of the original. On the surface, the cheaper option seems like a good way to save money, but in the long run an inferior product will reveal itself. Organisations can often find themselves worse off after low-cost fittings fail to match the performance and energy savings of a higher-quality luminaire. Add the very real possibility of increased maintenance and premature failure and it’s not looking like a smart decision at all. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is often proved correct, especially in the lighting industry.
One light fitting deserving of its stellar reputation is the Cree CXB Series High Bay Fixture. Designed to last 100,000 hours at 40°C, the CXB Series is no ordinary high-bay light. It delivers outstanding illumination, efficiency and durability. Its cutting-edge design provides a long-life, low-maintenance lighting solution at an affordable price; boasting energy savings of up to 80% over standard 400W metal halide high bays (when dimming control is implemented).
With an exceptional lifespan and zero-restrike time, the CXB Series is an ideal replacement for incumbent HID high-bay light sources. Additionally, it carries the benefits of a compact, lightweight design and significantly reduced maintenance costs. The CXB Series offers unrivalled energy efficiency and is suitable for all types of general high-bay lighting.
Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) recently supplied CXB Series fittings as part of a new warehouse build in Queensland. The possibility of high ambient temperatures meant a product with good thermal management was of great importance. The lighting was also required to run 24/7 so a solution that offered low maintenance over a long lifespan was essential – the Cree CXB was the obvious choice. The 10-year warranty was an added bonus. Nathan Perritt, ADLT’s Queensland Technical Sales Representative, worked on the project and recommended the CXB for the tough task. “Under 24/7 operation, a standard 50,000-hour high-bay fitting will only last 5–6 years at best,” he said. “The CXB is designed to last double that, even in scorching Australian conditions – it’s the best option for both a reduction in energy consumption and a guaranteed 10-year life.”
ADLT has been providing organisations with lighting solutions for decades. We source high-quality lighting products directly from leading manufacturers in the US and Europe. These innovative products are designed with the latest technology and backed by industry-leading warranties.
For more information about the Cree CXB Series, contact Advanced Lighting Technologies on 03 9800 5600 or visit today.

Crane-to-roof solution with Stramit

A manufacturer of steel building products, Stramit, has launched the crane-to-roof solution – a roofing product delivery truck and mounted crane in one.
The HIAB XS 288 E8 HiDuo crane is mounted on a Volvo FM 8×4 with a 13.5m trailer.
It has been designed for residential, multi-residential and light commercial building projects, as well as hard to access locations such as narrow sites. The compact and efficient design of the vehicle can get close to the building site, eliminating the need for a separate crane to be set-up on site. With the product arriving at the same time as the crane there’s no need to coordinate delivery times, thus saving on handling the product, and in turn reducing possible product damage.
This crane-to-roof unit is designed to reach a height of 23 metres, and will lift a maximum sheet length of 18 metres, and a maximum load of two tonnes. Its stabiliser legs at the rear and on the sides of the unit, which are for stability only makes the unit suitable for nearly all worksites with an under five-degree slope. Set up times are reduced with the stabiliser legs being fully engaged within five minutes. Once in position, the unit is ready to lift the Stramit roofing product within 15-20 minutes.
The company says it has safe and reliable fully trained crane operators who utilise wireless technology to best position product into the desired location, increasing safety and efficiency.

Centurion buys rival to expand heavy haulage capacity

Independent transport and logistics company, Centurion has purchased the entire heavy haulage trailing fleet of McAleese Limited.
The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, will complement Centurion’s existing heavy haulage business and make it the largest heavy haulage service provider in Australia, says the company.
Through the transaction the Perth-based company has also entered into an agreement on premises giving it a foothold in the heavy haulage market across four states – Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Centurion’s intent is to be fully operational by January 2017.
Centurion Chief Executive Justin Cardaci said the purchase of the McAleese fleet was strategically sound, aligned with the company’s strength in the resources sector and provided Centurion with a unique opportunity to expand.
“As a well-established and trusted Western Australian company, with more than 45 years’ experience in the transport and logistics arena, including heavy haulage, we have the capability to run a successful national business,” Cardaci said. “Centurion is a financially strong and stable business that understands the industry. This asset purchase will give us the platform to access new markets and grow our business nationally.”
Cardaci said the company wanted to continue servicing existing and previous McAleese customers under the Centurion banner, targeting industries nationally that depend on the reliable and safe movement of large equipment, including mining, energy, infrastructure and construction.
“McAleese heavy haulage was once a highly successful business in its own right and we believe once we have transitioned these assets to Centurion there is plenty of scope to re-establish this success,” says Cardaci. “We have appointed former McAleese part owner Keith Price, who successfully ran the business until it listed, to be in charge of Centurion’s heavy haulage operation.”

SEW revamps website and integrates online support portal

SEW-Eurodrive has launched a new website to the Australian market. It offers a selection of new and expanded content and functions and can be accessed from a range of devices, from PCs and tablets through to smartphones. This ensures that customers have access to information at any time from any location.
As well as restructuring the site’s content, the company has also revamped its design – the result is a modern, user-friendly, cross-media site that can also be used on mobile devices. The structure of the site ensures accurate responses to all enquiries, provides good orientation and points of reference, takes users to where they need to go reliably, and makes relevant information quick and easy to find and read.
For customers, the new DriveGate feature is important. This customer portal, which up until now has been run on a separate platform, has been integrated into the new website and renamed “Online Support”. This brings several new benefits. The structure is based on process stages and ensures straightforward, direct access to the functions relevant to particular customers. Many online services can be accessed without log-in. Only functions involving sensitive or customer-specific content require user registration and log-in. As part of the restructuring, there are a whole host of new and expanded functions to support users in their work with SEW-Eurodrive and provide them with the information they need. This includes quick retrieval of CAD data in many different 2D and 3D formats and documentation, simple product configuration, clearly structured transaction management and much more.
In the “Products” section, users can access the new SEW-Eurodrive product finder. This makes it much easier to find the right products, as users are guided step by step to the relevant product within our extensive portfolio. The product pages themselves then provide a wide range of context-specific, detailed information.

Stanton promises better speed of service for Truckline

Phillip Stanton has been appointed Truckline’s new National Operations Manager and he plans to modernise behind-the-scenes procedures for the company’s spare parts systems to deliver better speed and service for trucking customers.
“My goal is to strengthen the way our branches are supported from the back end, which will help our front line staff really deliver on our customers’ expectations,” says Stanton. “We understand time is money – our customers’ trucks need to be on the road, not in the workshop. When they need a part they know they can count on us regardless if their truck is American, European or Japanese.
“We have more than 25,000 products in stock, and more than 80% of our inventory is held in our branches, which means we lead the industry in parts availability. But I believe we can do even better.”
Truckline is a Queensland-based retailer of aftermarket truck, trailer and on-road diesel vehicles parts. The company has a national network of stores and two parts distribution centres, one in QLD and a new one in WA opening in January 2017.
Stanton, who was appointed on 4 October 2016, has more than three decades of experience across small domestic and large multi-national automotive and heavy equipment OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) dealerships.
Truckline’s National Manager Mick Henderson says that in previous roles Stanton has been instrumental in warehouse and system design and implementation from the ground up, achieving four-figure growth as a result of his meticulous approach.
“Phil is a high achiever and a stayer – in the past 25 years he’s been at senior management level with just two companies in the automotive industry,” says Henderson. “That gives him a deep understanding of how to best optimise a business with very stable foundation like Truckline. Phill’s expertise in inventory management and warehouse operation is instrumental in helping us build long term relationships with our customers. During the company’s 60 years servicing the Australian trucking industry, we have built a reputation of always finding the right quality part, at the right price, as fast as possible for our customers.”

Maintenance-free filling system for big bags

Haver & Boecker Australia has released the latest version of its Elementra big bag filling system, responding to demand from the construction, chemicals and foodstuffs industries for a precision weight, maintenance-free, customisable and operator-friendly packaging system for loose bulk materials.
The new Elementra EGF features Haver & Boecker’s MEC 4.0 weighing system, which not only serves as a scale but a configurable control point for the complete packing system. It delivers ideal weights and ensures that product is never wasted.
The filling spout can be sealed with an inflatable sleeve and a counter-pressure ring, providing a completely sealed-off product path for cleaner filling without product loss.
The EGF’s greatest technical innovation is its double-belt drive that replaces the mechanical chain drive. Engineered from a special plastic, the new drive prevents machine stoppages by reducing wear and removing the need for greasing – a key advantage for the food industry to avoid contamination from lubricants. It also meets explosion protection standards.
Another feature of the revamped system is its improved modularity, which allows manufacturers of to customise a solution to meet their requirements.
The design enables easy expansion, integration with existing production and packing lines, and the configuration of different dosing units. Modular components include filling spouts that can be swiveled, different dosing units, inflatable sleeves, hooks (rigid, rotatable or replaceable, instead of a carrying arm), movable filling head or conveyor unit, vibration base and conveying system.
To provide optimum, intuitive operation the system is equipped with a large touchscreen panel which displays all functions and diagnostics with just the touch of a finger. The system can be equipped with the Haver quattro Monitoring System for constant online transmission of performance data.
All variants of the Haver filling technology were tested by machine builders and have proven themselves in dusty and harsh operating conditions. The ELEMENTRA EGF big bag filling system can fill all large packages – independent of size, material and design.

Australia's first hyperloop prototype released

An inter-disciplinary team of RMIT University students is revolutionising the future of transportation as the only finalists from the Southern Hemisphere in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.
In an Australian first, VicHyper is has unveiled its Hyperloop pod prototype at RMIT.
Taking on the impossible, VicHyper designed and constructed a functional Hyperloop pod prototype to compete as finalists at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Weekend in California (27-29 January 2017).
Placing Australian ingenuity on the world stage alongside Stanford, MIT and Delft universities, VicHyper will be the first team in the world to operate a Linear Induction Motor within a vacuum.
Hyperloop is redefining high-speed ground transportation, with the ability to transport both people and cargo at the speed of sound (1200 km/h).
To reach these unprecedented speeds, a pod travels within an elevated tube network held at a near vacuum utilising magnetic levitation and linear induction motors.
With an award-winning braking system, VicHyper has been selected from more than 1,700 global entries to compete in the final 30 and accelerate the development of Hyperloop technologies.
VicHyper project leader Zac McClelland said: “At VicHyper, we are anticipating the transportation needs of tomorrow rather than reacting to the problems of today. Hyperloop will be the solution to connect us like never before.
“Imagine living in Melbourne and working in Sydney with only a 50-minute commute, or travelling to regional Australia within minutes. We are making it a reality.”
Breaking the barriers of distance, VicHyper is striving to develop Hyperloop technologies to implement in Australia, connecting both metropolitan and regional areas at the speed of sound.
VicHyper is advancing the development of Hyperloop to emerge as a viable fifth mode of transport, rivalling planes for speed and cars for safety.
VicHyper won the Braking Subsystem Technical Excellence Award at the semi-finals SpaceX Pod Design Weekend in Texas (29-30 January, 2016) and has recently been awarded the Highly Commended certificate at the #TechDiversity.

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