Adaptalift to help modernise dnata fleet

Aviation services company dnata has signed a long-term agreement with specialised ground service equipment provider Adaptalift.
Under this new agreement, the company will take ownership of dnata’s entire motorised fleet across six Australian ports, modernising the fleet via a strategy of replacement, renewal and refurbishment.
The renewal aspect of the program is already under way, with orders placed with major manufacturers for contain/pallet loaders, pushback tractors, conveyer belts and baggage tractors. As part of the push to modernise, dnata has also committed to switching some operations from diesel to alternative power sources, including an all-electric baggage fleet in Adelaide. Moreover, they will introduce vehicle telematics to improve safety and maintenance tracking and proximity warning systems on some machinery.
The CEO of dnata, Daniela Marsilli, said the agreement allowed dnata to expedite the modernisation of all the ground services equipment as well as, “add innovative technological solutions in the areas of safety for our operators, clients and their aircraft plus protection of the motorised assets themselves”.
Importantly, Marsilli added: “Our operating costs will improve along with increased utilisation and reliability, which ultimately improves service to our valued customer airlines”.

dnata Australia signs up with Adaptalift GSE

dnata Australia has signed a long-term agreement with Adaptalift GSE that will significantly upgrade the ground service equipment fleet currently owned by dnata via a programme of replacement, renewal and refurbishment.
The agreement sees Adaptalift GSE take ownership of the entire motorised fleet across the six Australian ports where dnata operates, combined with a full service and maintenance agreement. An extensive program of renewal is already underway, covering container/pallet loaders, pushback tractors, conveyor belts, baggage tractors, etc. with orders placed with major manufacturers. This agreement will also see dnata operating alternative power sources to the traditional diesel, with an all-electric baggage tractor fleet in Adelaide, as well as the introduction of vehicle telematics to improve operator safety and maintenance tracking, and proximity warning systems on certain items of machinery.
CEO of dnata Daniela Marsilli Australia said: “Our long-term agreement with Adaptalift enables us to expedite a significant modernisation of our ground service equipment across the country, as well as add innovative technological solutions in the areas of safety for our operators, clients and their aircraft plus protection of the motorised assets themselves. Our operating costs will improve along with increased utilisation and reliability, which ultimately improves service to our valued customer airlines.”
Group managing director of the Adaptalift Group Peter Whiffen said: “dnata in conjunction with Adaptalift GSE, has set the bench mark for the management of GSE in Australia, by offering real-time fleet management reporting, high levels of customer service, fully integrated fleet management systems utilising our best practices, and technological innovations integrating both the service and fleet.”
dnata is one of the world’s largest air services providers. Established in 1959, the company provides ground handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering services in 84 countries across six continents.

Adaptalift to showcase specialist materials handling equipment

A range of professional materials handling solutions will be on display on forklift specialist Adaptlift’s stand at trade event MEGATRANS2018, taking place 10–12 May 2018.
The company has revealed that its stand will feature its Combilift range of multidirectional materials-handling units, which are suited for handling long loads such as timber and piping in narrow areas.
“MEGATRANS2018 will allow us to showcase our extremely diverse product offering to many market segments and diverse customers in one large show,” said Chris Walker, General Manager of Adaptalift brand Combilift Australia.
According to Paul Hinz, Marketing Coordinator for Adaptalift, the company is looking forward to using MEGATRANS2018 as an opportunity to generate qualified industry leads.
“Trade shows are valuable to Adaptalift as they provide an opportunity to talk openly regarding the equipment and really understand the concept behind it, and how Combilift units can benefit businesses,” he said, adding that trade shows are as valuable for exhibitors as they are for visitors.
“For us, it’s also a bonus that we can wander around and catch up on industry trends and see what others in the space are doing.”
Two developing technologies Hinz will be keeping his eyes peeled for at the show are automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and fleet management software.
“Everyone’s looking to maximise their operations not only from a cost point of view, but also efficiency and safety, it’s something Adaptalift’s very involved in since we have our own fleet management system – ForkTrack,” he said.
Adaptalift, the official Australian distributor for Combilift and Hyster forklifts, is Australia’s largest privately owned forklift company. Originally founded in 1982 as a designer and manufacturer of forklift attachments, the company has since added forklift rental and purchase options in response to customer demand, and now has a national network of branches and a fleet of 10,500 units nationwide.

Adaptalift acquires Budget Forklifts

Adaptalift Group has acquired Budget Forklifts, the Yale dealer for Western Australia and Queensland that was established in 1968.
Adaptalift Group will continue to operate Budget Forklifts as the Yale dealership in the existing territories.
“Budget Forklifts has over 1,200 assets in its fleet, its customer base includes some of Australia’s best known companies,” Adaptalift said in a statement. “Importantly, Budget Forklifts brings an increased footprint to the states of Western Australia and Queensland where our joint operations will have significant scale.
“Budget Forklift’s business is complementary to our current rental, service and parts operations and we share a common operating platform.
Adaptalift Group is excited to have acquired Budget Forklifts increasing product and service offerings and delivering even greater customer value.”
The sale completion took place on 4 September.

Adaptalift Hyster brings the technologically advanced XT series Forklift to Australia

Adaptalift Hyster is proud to bring the new technologically advanced Hyster XT series forklifts to the Australian Market.

The new XT series replaces the TX series of internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts and is available in different variations with lifting capacities from 1500kg up to 3500kg, as well as a variety of fuel options including LPG, diesel and dual fuel. New tier 4 diesel engines are available in the larger lift capacities to comply with new stricter emission levels.

The XT series continues to be the solution for all materials handling needs, with a strong commitment to quality and dependability, incorporating proven design processes and systems to deliver a class-leading product.

The new trucks provide unmatched low cost of operation, maximum uptime, operator preferred ergonomic features and unmatched performance in even the toughest conditions.

Hyster has incorporated many industry leading advanced features including a new innovative cooling system, noise reduction measures and a new stability system.

Hyster forklifts continue to be the choice of industry operators with the Vista cabin providing supreme driver comfort with a superior driver’s seat and ergonomic steering column, whilst also offering high visibility through the Vista mast.

The XT series has been designed to require low maintenance offering extended service intervals and easy maintenance through a combination of the integrated dash display and easy opening hood.

Overall the new XT series provides total truck reliability and low cost of ownership, while providing an advanced truck with state of the art modern features. 

Forklift servicing tips – 10 tips to save you time and money

Adaptalift Hyster’s Victorian service manager, Alex Enticknap shares his top 10 tips to servicing forklifts. 

  1. Ensure your forklift is serviced within the prescribed service intervals. This will keep your forklift in optimum running condition which in turn will reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Complete your daily checks such as oils, water and tyres, and don’t forget the safety items like seatbelt, mirrors, rating plate, and emergency disconnect for all you battery electric users.
  3. Raise those fork tynes. Excessive wear on fork tynes is generally caused by dragging them around on the ground. Not only is more fuel being used in this process, you are also wearing out your fork tynes which again is an avoidable cost.
  4. Call in those problems. Don’t leave it for the next operator, as components can wear out during a shift. If you see a problem report it!
  5. Keep an eye on those hydraulic hoses for wear (Splitting/cracking or weeping). Organise replacements prior to them failing.
  6. Forklifts are the vacuum cleaners of the warehouse industry. If you have compressed air, blow the unit out including the radiator weekly. This will keep your unit clean inside and also keep the unit from having a blocked radiator which is a common problem.
  7. Ensure your operators are licensed and trained to operate the equipment. Having unlicensed or untrained operators can be detrimental to the safety of others and the condition and use of your forklift. Operating the forklift without the knowledge of completing a licence can lead to ineffective daily checks. Knowing the boundaries’ of your equipment such as “Stability Triangle” or “Rear end Swing” can prevent overloading and damage to your equipment and surrounding structures.
  8. Check your tyre wear. Is the forklift operating in the same direction and turning the same corners? This can cause premature tyre wear. During the routine maintenance ensure the tyres are rotated for maximum efficiency. This is the same for tandem load wheels on Reach & Pallet Trucks.
  9. Traction battery maintenance, use the WOW Principle (Water On Wednesday). Top the battery up after charge, and do not opportunity charge your battery as this will reduce the life of your battery. Keep in mind it is the fuel for the forklift.
  10. Uptime versus Downtime. Call it in prior to a failure. This will increase productivity and reduce downtime and most of all maintain equipment to manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

Sourced: Adaptalift Hyster Logistics & Materials Handling Blog

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